Monday, August 25, 2008


sometimes it just turns out that way...
Princess and I did a bit of reading today,
and we played (what else?),UNO.
Will she ever grow tired of it?
We also did laundry and organized the school area
a bit more.I will post pictures when we are done.
My sister stopped by and took her to go bowling
with my niece. She also got to meet her new baby
cousin. of them.
I tried to get our grocery shopping list and my school
lessons planned a bit more, but the beds needed stripping
and the bathroom cleaning, and so that is what I did.
I am working a bit more on my planning now.
Hopefully I can post my plans soon.
Meanwhile Princess had no interest in the Unplugged project again this week.
She is all about sharks right now, and I just couldn't make cylinder connect
for her.We also got a lovely package in the mail from Amanda's shop,
but,shhh, don't tell's a surprise for her upcoming 6th Birthday!
Speaking of which...I am going to have to decide what to do about that soon.
I just don't know if I want the usual big broo-ha-ha this year.
So many friends and family..all at my house. So many projects unfinished.
We'll see.It's never stopped me before, but I feel a need to simplify lately.
Princess wants more,more,more. Naturally.
Six is a pretty important year.At least it is when you are the one who is 6.
Stay tuned...tomorrow will be a book post.


Gottfredsen said...

Always so much to do, a mothers work is never done. LOL. It always sounds like with all the work you guys do you always have so much fun to. That is so wonderful. Oh and a craft idea using cylinders (if you want one that is) use the cylinder as the body of the shark and have her add on all the other parts.. Just an idea. Have a great day.

Kate in NJ said...

Ooh! Great idea that you said it I can totally picture it.
I was not especially creative yesterday. ;-)

Cher Mere said...

Oh birthday party planning. Do you have a place where you could fill up a room with balloons? We have done that twice for Z and she still talks about it and the kids just play in the balloon on and on.

Naomi said...

i still haven't thrown the peanut a 3rd day party...and i'm likely to miss her 1/2 bday. i'm such a sucky mom. i need to get this stupid kitchen done.

i think the nj aquarium has a big shark exhibit don't they?

beach? do realize i'm still waiting on your call to hang out...

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Plato said...

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