Thursday, August 7, 2008

Middle of the week...

Princess and I did a lot of errand running yesterday.
We hit the bank,the library (where we ran into our favorite
new friends and their Nanny again).P had a book she just had to get (Different Like Coco)and picked up another bag full besides.This is one pile left beside my chair.
We visited B&N to pick up a book for 1st grade that they did not have,
Marshalls to look at shoes for P.Having struck out, we stopped for lunch.Then it was Walmart for freezer paper (they used to be the place that carried it), oh well...we did get more twizzlers and some Zote soap.Then we stopped
at a teacher/parent supply store that just opened up near us-can't remember the name. Princess picked out
four posters, Constellations,US Map, Types of Clouds and yes, Sea Life.We also picked out two packs of stickers,butterflies and planets.We could have spent more time and money there, but we were tired and
still had to get shoes for Princess and wanted to be home for Farmer dad's arrival. Target was next.
We found 3 pairs of shoes (all on sale) and picked up some organic cows milk (yes, that is how she requests it).
Upon arriving home, we had a snack of o.c. milk and brownies we made the day before and read our stack of library books. The rest of the evening was spent harvesting, playing with the kitties, playing UNO and
hanging out together. Princess had a bath and we all went to sleep.
This was our first day of really feeling human again, and i think we over did it a bit.
Right now Princess and Pumpkin are doing this.
We were going to hit the shore today, but there have been thunderstorms predicted for this afternoon,
and we got too late a start to be home before then and did I mention we did a lot yesterday?
Maybe I'll plan a dinner on the beach for tomorrow ....we still want to see the fair too.


Stephanie said...

Oh boy... I went a little shoe crazy at Target a couple of weeks ago. Not just for Tatum, either. I just can't pass up $3 shoes!

divina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog ... if you really want to sew, just do it! (or anything else you have ever wanted to do)! The last time I "sewed" was as a teenager over 20 years ago. So it's never too late to learn.

I'm so envious of your garden. :o)

Anonymous said...

I love "day in the life" posts. I thought Different Like Coco was great and I can imagine that P will really like it. It's a great biography for the right kid.

We liked Has Anyone Seen Emily Green as well. I saw it on Kira's blog.

Love the cloud poster. Let me know when you remember the name of the store. I would like to get one. It's amazing that there is a cat on the ocean life poster. lol.

Glad you are feeling better. Hope you get to the shore tomorrow.

Jolene said...

Youve been busy! Me too! I hope I go into labor soon. My stomach has been aching like crazy! ANyways...I wanted to share a site that I found. not sure the way u teach P anymore but you used to do it by Days. Here it is...

Let me know if you have seen it before! :)

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

WOw, you have been busy. I am sorry to hear you guy are under the weather. I would love a dinner on the beach. I used to do that growing up. My favorite was breakfast on the beach. Ahhh the good 'ole days. Hope you guys get better.

ZILLA said...

Dinner on the beach gets my vote, but take it with a grain of salt, as the only reason I go to fairs is to get my annual dose of cotton candy.

I am captivated with P's umbrella/parasol. It matches perfectly not only my corduroy ZillaPants, but also my brand spanking new ZillaJammiePants.

{{{I'm now enveloped in the supersecret {brackets of silence} so nobody but you can read this: it also matches a naughty little thing Ange sent me from Victoria's Secret -- the thing MrZ keeps asking about, as in, "where's that leopard print naughty thing Ange sent you?"}}}

Zilla is quite fond of exotic animal prints, although she would die before wearing anything actually skinned from a carnivore.

Herbivores, she's not quite so protective of, although she remains eternally grateful for what they provide. Just so you know.

Does Princess like zebra stripes, or are her tastes centered on the big cats exclusively? I may have a little something from Florence, Italy, to add to her dress-ups kaboodle :-)

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals. Nina...we have read the Coco book before, she is always asking for it again. ;-) It should probably go on my permanent

Jolene..I hope you have that little one soon! I will check out that site..thanks!

D- thanks..I am going to try.Really.

8)(8 said...

We have that Amy Tan book and her other children's book as well.

mavibu said...

That pic brought back a flood of childhood memories! WHen I was 6 to 9 years old, my favorite game was playing "house" under as many umbrellas as I could round up. I would drape towels over some of them to create "bedrooms." It was a blast!

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