Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Book Post

We have a lot of great books out this week,
here are a few of them...

A Nickel, a Trolley, a Treasure House

Princess had to take this book home when she saw it on the display table.
"It looks like a painting!" she said.
It was a lovely choice, a story about a boy at the turn of the century,
who spend every waking moment drawing everything he sees on small scraps of paper.
He thinks they are unimportant, until a favorite teacher pays for him to take
a trip on a trolley to the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

Sheila Rae, The Brave

Princess enjoyed this story about a younger scaredy cat sister,
saving her older brave sister when she gets lost.
Very warm story.

Me and My Cat?

Late at night a witch enters Nicholas's bedroom
says something and leaves...he wakes up the next morning
to find he has changed places with his cat. Princess requested this book from the library after listening to it on STORYLINE (see side bar links).We really enjoyed it!

Every story, every person, and every thing started somewhere.
This book gives you the story on what your favorite fairy-tale characters might have been up to.
Princess enjoyed it ok, I was disappointed.We did enjoy the art work.

The China Doll
Another Princess pick, too wordy for her ultimately,usually only science books hold her interest
at this length. It is a lovely book about a china doll who knows just what to get her beloved owner for her birthday. She just doesn't know how to get it. On the quest, she meets many creatures, and learns the importance of loyalty,generosity and family.We will try reading it at bedtime a bit at a time.

Now we are off for a drive down the shore......


Mrs. Darling said...

You make me feel so guilty. There is absolutly 0 amount of reading getting done around here! Its a shame.

Freakmom said...

Kevin Henkes was a huge favorite in our house a few years ago.

8)(8 said...

Ami has always enjoyed Henkes. She has the Chrysanthemum books somewhere. We will have to look for this one for her to read because Ami is quite the Art History buff and the MET is on her list of things she wants to do. Don't know when we have the opportunity...

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Plato said...

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