Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Wrap Up

This week just flew was HOT and then the storms came, and then it cooled off a bit,
now it feels a bit muggy again to me. I spent a lot of time in my basement today,
going through boxes I did not remember packing up.Tossing, recycling, freecycling,
boxing up for the yard sale still to come and getting ready to list on Craig's List.
Then I took a ride to drop off a movie and some books that were due at the library.
Came back to make dinner, and give Princess a bath.
Now I am tired.
I did pick up a couple of light reads for myself, and I think I'll pour myself a glass
of water, and start one of them.
I also have a stack of stuff to go through for this coming school year, but it will keep.
At least for tonight.We did get some school type stuff in this week, as well as a couple of play dates
and a lot of house and yard work, although it has rained so much, and been so warm, everything
needs weeding again.Maybe I'll get my science book post done sometime soon as well.


ZILLA said...

You sound a bit worn out, Kate. Come on over and put your feet up for a spell. The weeds will wait.

patience said...

No wonder you're feeling tired! Take care of yourself :)

Angela said...

Good for you! I love just going through things, and getting out from under it all. It's exhausting and rewarding all at once. Take some time to relax now!

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Plato said...

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