Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Beach Day!

We were so very excited to receive a package in
the mail from the Zoomlians!
It was a little bit of the beach near them....with shark teeth
and ray plates for Princess to find!!
We have been having so much fun sifting and sinking our hands down into the bowl
that we emptied the package into....we had to go to the library almost immediately
to look for books on sharks and rays, of course.
The next day (Yesterday), we had to drive down the shore to try to find
something cool to send back, unfortunately, our friend's learned of a family
emergency almost immediately upon our arrival, so we ate, and turned around and came home.
She did enjoy a bit of her day down the shore with her Prince, and the weather was lovely,
although the rip tides were rough and the water had a lot of jellies.
Princess and I have plans for another day soon..maybe we'll hit the tidal pools on the other side up
as well.
Thank you my friends over at made my little ocean explorer Princess so very happy!


Forte said...

Hey NJ!
Woul dprincess enjoy some beach finds from here as well? :)


Gottfredsen said...

What great fun. We went to the beach this weekend, it is so much fun there. I will keep my eye out for goodies for p when we go to the beach to.

patience said...

Its raining here today, and forecast to do the same for the rest of the week. So your beach post was a real pleasure to read. I myself dont like the beach, but I love the pleasure my child gets from it. Alas, we usually end up going there in the middle of winter!

Wendy said...

I'm so glad she liked it! I grew up in NJ and I was always looking for shark teeth. Never found one there!

The bay is full of jellies this time of year. Our shark tooth season is spring to early summer!

Mrs. Darling said...

The beach is my favorite place to go. The kids like it but they arent as gung ho about it as I wish they would be.

ZILLA said...

What a superb gift that inspired some learning!

Has Princess ever seen a Petoskey stone? That's the choice item to find on a northern Michigan beach.

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