Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday play dates

Princess had a lovely time playing on her Prince's
huge pirate ship water slide while I got to enjoy
hanging out with his Mom (my friend) on Friday.
We watched a woodpecker feed it's baby in the tree
in their yard, although the parent flew off when I tried to photograph it.You will need to enlarge the picture to see the face.
I didn't even have to carry her out crying and screaming
when it was time to leave, she got her shoes on at the two minute warning
and said "OK, Momma..I'm ready now."It was not because she wasn't having
fun either, it was because she had big plans for an evening out with Farmer Dad.
I went to a "spa party" at an old friend's house and didn't even leave there until
after 11:00 pm! It was great to catch up a bit with her and her family and meet
some of her newer friends.Saturday found us staying inside while Farmer Dad worked
outside in the heat. I did get a lot of my canning jars better organized, and the laundry is done.
Princess made brownies from a box, she read all the directions herself!
We then went to a favorite antiquing spot, and spent a little bit of cash on a new (to us) lamp-
OK, the lamp was $8.00..and we really like it. We have needed more like in our living room for a while,
but just have not done anything about it.(Here it is with it's super duper energy efficient bulb in place.)
and some milk glass. The lady gave Princess a beautiful music box and a jewelry box for her vanity table.
She was delighted. She was so patient while we shopped, that we took her for a treat of fast food
for dinner! I swear it was not because I did not feel like cooking after being out in the heat.
I will have to post some pictures of some of our favorite picks..maybe tomorrow.
Farmer Dad just returned from hunting and gathering (food shopping) and I need to help (tell him
where to put everything) him put it all away.


8)(8 said...

Congratulations to P on reading the directions.

Neat photo of the woodpecker!

It sounds like you are getting some relaxation.

Kari Wright said...

lovely days and activities. I love your use for hunting and gathering. My DH is quite good at this (When I let him!)

patience said...

I love that lamp! It's so pretty. You have such fun days.

ZILLA said...

That lamp adds the perfect touch, and I just love the lampshade. I can't believe momma and daddy woodpecker let you get close enough to capture that shot! Very cool!

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving such nice comments!!

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Plato said...

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