Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Book Post

Here are a few of the books we picked up this week...
as always, some we liked, some not so much.

This Year's Garden

From the discussions of what to grow in the coming year during the winter, to shucking corn,snapping beans, and canning lids popping...this book covers a year in the garden.We can so relate.

Night In The Country

There is no night so dark, so black as night
in the country...that is how this book begins.
We enjoyed reading about the creatures and sounds of
the night in the country..

The Giant Jam Sandwich

This is a read-along story, and we plan to use it in the car.
It is supposed to be about four million wasps flying into a town,
and how the townsfolk got together to build a giant jam sandwich to
get rid of them.

Sydney's Star
Sydney is inspired by the world around her
to invent things.One such invention, flashed,fizzled and floated away,
and led her to her dreams.
If you enjoyed the author's Ish and the Dot, you will also
enjoy this book.

The Blue Hill Meadows
Four stories that celebrate the four seasons
with the Meadow family in Blue Hill Virginia.
Lovely gentle illustrations.
We have been reading a bit at a time, and really enjoying it.

The Van Gogh Cafe

Magic things happen at the Van Gogh Cafe in Flowers, Kansas,
and no one quite knows why.We were a bit disappointed that this was not a picture book
as we picked it off the computer catalog without seeing it, but it was still a nice story.
Princess will enjoy it more when she can read it on her own I am sure.

Wiggle and Waggle

Wiggle and Waggle are worms, they live in the garden, they like to dig in the dirt.
Princess and I love our little worm friends, so this book was a must!
We enjoyed the pictures of a worm's eye view of the garden.

SNIP SNAP! What's That?
What happens when a group of children hear an
alligator come
creeping..creeping..creeping up the stairs...
We had fun reading this rhyming story about scared little children,
and what they did to take charge of a scary situation.
Princess likes a good scare and to take charge, so this was right up her alley.

Delilah D. at the Library
Princess and I found this book to be just "de-lightful"! Reminiscent of the Fancy Nancy books, we enjoyed it. Our library does not serve free cupcakes either, but they do have a cafe, and you are welcome to bring your own cupcakes as well.Princess would love to have a young girl from France to bring her to the library.(she would also like a baby brother, but that is a post for another day)

Arctic Thaw
Princess has an interest in things "arctic" in nature,
so we picked this book up to learn more about how
the climate changes are affecting the Inupiaq Eskimos
living on the north slope of Alaska.

Monarch and Milkweed
A beautiful book about the relationship
between monarch butterflies and milkweed.
The author's website has some additional links
as well. Princess and I are loving this book!
The illustrations are truly lovely.

We hope you can find something in our stack to enjoy with your children,
and if not, be sure to head over to your local library for a stack of your own.
I know I say it often, but I will say it again..read,read,read to them.
There is no better way to say "I love you".


Mrs. Darling said...

We havent been reading books at all this summer! sigh

Jenny said...

What a great book post, Kate- this might be my favorite of all! I've put the Monarch book on hold already! Night in the Country is one of CJ's all-time favorites. I wanted to get This Year's Garden too, but it's been "declared missing"- rats. Thanks for the great ideas!

8)(8 said...

The Monarch link had links to a lot of great links. Ami loves butterflies.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I read Sydney's Star so long ago. I didn't realize it was by Peter Reynolds. After seeing the book in your post I remembered it on a totally different level for something I want to do with Cate. It is so cool how the universe works.

I loved Van Gogh Cafe but I would say it is a fourth or fifth grade book even though it is slight.

I'm bookmarking a bunch of books. Thanks.

I just found a wonderful book that has pictures and is a chapter book entitled Little Owl, Keeper of the Trees by Hilmer. I'm really looking forward to reading it to Cate. Also, have you had a chance to read Toad for Tuesday. It has some illustrations. My dh reread it again to Cate over the past few nights. Whenever I heard snippets of it I was charmed all over again.

Monarch and Milkweed looks good as well. Thanks for all these. I really appreciate it.

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