Monday, July 21, 2008


Sometimes it just turns out that way.
Princess and I were planning on taking part in the Unplug Your Kids
Group Project today, but we forgot.Not about Mom Unplugged,
about Monday. She woke up on her bedroom floor (actually I woke her up),
and came out to the living room where she fell asleep again mid sentence.
I let her sleep a bit more. Poor little Princess.
Check out what the other participants did in honor of this week's theme
"glass". Here are some gratuitous pictures of Princess looking at books
about Milk Glass and Depression Glass with Farmer Dad.
We hope to jump back in next week when the theme will be FLAT.
See you all tomorrow for our weekly book post.


Gottfredsen said...

I hope she got the rest she needed. I think that you did end up doing the project by looking at the books. So good job!

Anonymous said...

Poor dear. It is testament to all your socializing. You are lucky. When Cate is sick she is awake and whining. No extra sleep for my kid.

Love the quilt.

ZILLA said...

Is Princess under the weather, or just exhausted from all the recent activities? Hope she's back on her feet soon!

8)(8 said...

Cute photos of dad and daughter!

Cher Mere said...

I hope Princess is feeling better.

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Plato said...

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