Sunday, July 27, 2008

How we spent our Saturday...

One of Farmer Dad's older brothers came over
to give him a hand finishing off our soffits in the morning.
We are almost ready for new gutters!! There is some patching
to be done where they attach to the side of the house, hopefully
that will get done soon. While the "boys" were busy, Princess
and I did some girlie stuff.
Did fake mani pedis online...
We made these...
watched this as it came in the mail today.

We won it from a magazine contest.I tried to link, but it won't (WT?)
We did not watch the whole thing, Princess grew bored with the movie
(what is the big deal..she's not THAT ugly) and the puzzle (too much blue!)
as soon as the snacks were gone.
So we went out to the porch to put the new shells we boiled for our 2 remaining
Hermit Crabs inside the crabitat. Farmer Dad and I were a bit upset that it was dead,
Princess merely said.."yeah, it smelled dead".I'm paraphrasing now..but that was the gist
of her comment.
Then we played with these..
We all watched a bit of the Yankee game and then we had burritos for dinner.
Farmer Dad also fixed the skee ball machine which has wonky hind legs from
water damage in the previous location, so they went down to enjoy that for a while
while I checked e-mails, and up-dated my blogs.You can check out what we've been harvesting here.
Oh, and Princess took these cute pics herself...

Can you feel the love?


divina said...

The ice cream soda's look so pretty, especially on the "new" desk/table. I love how you are getting so much use out of the desk, as it shows up in pictures a lot!

Cher Mere said...

Princess has such lovely curls.

You have a ski ball game?? at home?? can I get pictures??

Those drinks look too tasty!

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Plato said...

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