Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Princess's 6th Birthday Party

It was so very muddy outside, I didn't let Princess wear her crown (thanks Amanda!)

The rain stopped just before the party started.
I set up to have everyone inside, or at least the food...
I am so tired of it raining half way through and having to run everything inside.
Farmer Dad set up the borrowed tent outside and the tables and chairs, he forgot to
put the flowers out there,

or any of the "snack" foods, but oh well.As Willie sings..."there's nothing I can do about it now...".

The menu consisted of :

Hummus and crackers
A variety of heirloom tomatoes (fresh from the garden)
with fresh mozzarella and olive oil
Goat cheese with fig sauce and crackers
Veg platter
Chips and salsa
spinach dip
Fresh fruit (including some figs)
Roasted Veggie sandwiches
Grilled chicken
Mashed potatoes
Roasted Pork Loin (with apples and fig)
Mac n cheese
Olives and cheese
Fresh Italian bread

Pumpkin bars
Cupcakes (vanilla and chocolate)
Candy Corn
Dried and fresh fruit for desert

Coffee,tea,water,apple cider,punch,beer,wine

Unfortunately, I did not get one picture of any of the food,
the gift bags,or most of the goings on.
My niece (and Goddaughter) Amanda helped keep the kids
somewhat organized decorating mini pumpkins,

and painting sun catchers in Halloween themes.

Our good friend Miss Diana once again shared her incredible talents
and painted all the kids faces (or arms)much to their delight!
The kids decorated their cupcakes while they waited their turn, or after they were done
getting "painted".

Some also made some "macaroni" necklaces
They also spent a lot of time playing in the yard.
I should have handed out sample sizes of Shout as a party favor.(Muddy!)
Every child left clutching a mini pumpkin in their hands
and with a bit of our corner of the Garden State spread across bottoms
and big smiles upon their faces. ;-)

Thanks to both of these incredible women who helped make the party such a success!
After everyone left, Princess began the "opening of the gifts" process...
Wow! She got so many wonderful gifts...thank you all.

Here she tries out her Hannah Montana Dance Mat (from her "sweet prince") with her friend Peanut.
Thanks to Peanut's Mom, Naomi for helping to put some other stuff together for us.;-)
Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes..it was a busy crazy weekend and you
all played a part in making it a very Happy 6Th Birthday for Princess.

Special Note to "Bean"....
I just read your comment, and cannot believe you were so close to me and I missed
out on meeting up with you!!! Had I known you were going to be in the area, I would have
met you for coffee at the very least!!! We were 10-15 minutes away!!!
I am so very disappointed!! :-(


patience said...

Happy birthday Princess!! It looks like a wonderful day.

Now you are six, oh there is so much you can do!

Mrs. Darling said...

Happy Birthday Princess! What a wonderful party!

So Smrt said...

The face painting is so beautiful! Could I ask what type of products she used?

bean said...

i'm happy that P's birthday went well, despite the bad weather.

the figs (those are figs, right?) look scrumptious!

about me being in new jersey ... i know! i wish we could have met, but i was not there on a pleasure trip. i went up there at the last minute for a funeral ... but whenever we drove around, i wondered "i bet 'kate in nj' is around here somewhere."

maybe next time ... ;)

Wendy Hawksley said...

Happy Birthday to the Princess! What a wonderful party. :)

My Inspired Heart said...

Wow! What a party...and that menu! Yummy! Looks like a really great time...and my daughters would seriously love to go a few rounds on that new HM dance mat! :) Glad you all had a great time!

Forte said...

Happy Birthday P!! :)
Forte and Grace

8)(8 said...

Happy Birthday to Princess. I love her crown.

What a magnificent party and fantastic menu. Everything was so sophisticated.

Naomi said...

When I was reading this last night I thought, I am going to kick Katie in the shin for not mentioning me...I helped too darn it! Then I saw my name at the end. You are forgiven : )

Let me know what your schedule's like. We'll bring our own coloring books so the princess won't be so annoyed when the peanut colors outside of the lines lol

Cher Mere said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! Sorry I'm late!

Wow, you menu sounds SO good. I am starving now. And I love all your crafts! Seriously, awesome party. So sweet and sounds like so much fun.


zilla said...

FABULOUS! And happy birthday, once again.

I wanna party wit-choo!

Jenny said...

Happy Belated Birthday to P! I'm so glad the party was such a huge success. Your menu alone sounded fabulous, and all of the kids looked so happy. Great job, Mom!

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