Friday, September 12, 2008

First Grade is pretty ok and good too.

That's the word from Princess.Today the "meter reader" came, and he asked how school was going...
she told him it's just her first week of First Grade, but it is "pretty ok and good too."
We have had the same meter reader for over ten years, they often have conversations
about movies..(Empire Strikes Back is a fave of both) and the "classics" know like Scooby Doo.
We have been doing our usual routine of reading, art, reading,art,cooking,
art,reading some more and doing a work sheet or two at the request of
Princess. My student loves doing school best when she can "pick" what she is to do,
so I put the baggies for the week where she can reach in and pull one out when she feels like it.
We'll see how long I can do it. We have been up to our eyeballs in canning.
Princess has gotten quite good at operating the strainer crank and fills jars with the best of them.
I am trying to teach her to operate the label maker...but the buttons are hard to manage for so many things. "This is too confusing...are you kidding me? I ma only five you know..not even six yet! " usually she throws in a "sheesh!" too. She does real well at pulling the seeds out, so I let her do that job most of the time.
This week we have done salsa,tomato juice,gravy,whole tomatoes, and marinara sauce.
You can't tell I have done anything, my kitchen is still covered in tomatoes.
I will post more when I can get my camera cord from behind my computer....I am not sure how I knocked it down there, but I can't upload my pictures without it.


Wendy said...

Gravy? Like meat gravy, or is this a tomato thing?

Congratulations on the canning!

I thought 12 tomato vines would be enough to can some, but not when you have a squirrel that eats green tomatoes! AND FIGS!!! This is the most I have ever wanted to eat squirrel!

Cher Mere said...

Wow, That is an amazing amount of tomato products!

I know nothing about canning so I am always impressed with people who can actually do it.

Your 1st grade style sounds really nice.

Wendy Hawksley said...

Sounds like wonderful, pre-fall days... Schooling and canning!

Yes, 1st grade is "ok" here as well. It isn't a hit or anything, but we are just getting back into the routine after our short summer break. :-)

I like your idea of letting P choose what she will do. Although I dictate the curriculum and what we are doing, how long we spend is really up to Gavin. If he is getting bored quickly, we wrap things up in 15 minutes or less. If he is enjoying something, we stick with it as long as he is having fun.

Gottfredsen said...

That is great that she is enjoying it. First Grade can be lots of fun. I try to let the boys choose what they want to do also. By now though I have learned what they hate to do (even though they have to do it) and put it first to get it done. That way they do not avoid it. Then they get to choose what they want.

It is very cute the relationship that she has with your meter man.

Freakmom said...

Pretty ok and good too, sounds like a terrific review to me! Glad to see you guys are having fun!

bean said...

i'm wondering about your approach using baggies ... you've piqued my interest.

best wishes to P for first grade!

8)(8 said...

The cooking and canning sound neat. School sounds like it got off to a good start.

reprehriestless warillever said...

It sounds like P approves.

We didn't bother canning any of the 7 tomatoes we harvested...they tasted far too good fresh ;)

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

Canning gravy??? Sounds like fun buy I am sure you are up to your ears in canning. I am glad school is "ok". :).

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