Thursday, September 4, 2008

One of my friend's,Wendy
gave me this lovely award this past week....

I have been having trouble getting pictures to load up here,
so I haven't posted about it yet.
These "awards" always make my day in a weird "you like really like me"
kind of way. ;-) Like Wendy said on her blog,
it is so nice to have this community of bloggers in my life.
We are all different, and yet, we are all connected by our love for our children
and in some instances so much more.I have women whom I consider "real friends"
in all corners of the world now thanks to this blogosphere.
I swelled with pride when Z set up a group to clean up the environment,
or Tink did well on her test. I cried when Frankie lost first her beloved pet and then her Dad.
I laughed when Gabe did something adorable and just a little mischievous (as all monkeys sometimes do),
I hooted with laughter when CJ played in mud puddles or Tatum
said something that would make you spit coffee out your nose. (It's true!)
I have been awed by the beauty and thoughtfulness given to their daughter's education
shown both here, and here.I have been inspired to be more creative with my daughter's education
both here and here. I have gazed in wonder at the talent of my friend Amanda, both to bring a simple
beauty to her family's every day life and to create some pieces we can enjoy in ours (and we do!).
I would not have made it through the past four years or so without these women in my day to day life
(via a homeschool preschool yahoo group)Amber,
(Want to make it yourself, instead of buying it? Ask Amber how.)
Yas, Heather,Shauna, Amy Sue,(Need a link? Ask Amy Sue)
Mrs W.,
(Who really lives close enough that we should try to get together one day).
When I need to get a bit more organized, or need another piece of homeschool inspiration,
I head over to my favorite treehouse.
Looking for a book to read to your little, you'd be hard pressed to find someone better to ask than
Not like I have to tell any of you that. ;-)
Feeling a need to get inspired to get off your tush and outside with your kids?
Tara will make you want to go get wet and dirty today for sure (so glad she's back!)
Or you can stop over at Brit's...grab an energy bar first, they are always up for a hike!
Inspiration for a neat class for your student to take?
Forte makes me think,"I wish I had signed up for that!"
Some of my favorite places to stop in when I need to smile are here,
and here
and here
Need a hearty chuckle? Zilla is where I visit.
Need to know how to grow it, cook it, preserve it?Just want to look at cute kitties
or adorable farm animals? Look no farther than here.
Need to know how your littles might turn out if you continue homeschooling?
Angela's got a couple of teens that prove it can be done well.
Need to see a second generation homeschooler, to quiet the worry in the back of your mind?
All this inspiration making you feel like everyone does it better? Like no one else has a child
(or children) who do not cooperate and a day that does not go as planned? Little dose of
reality from a blog that makes life look "perfect" at first glance.
There isn't one among those listed above that I don't gain something from every time I visit.
If only they lived closer so I could share a cup of coffee in person
or some of the tomatoes clogging up my kitchen.Luckily I have my homeschool group
to help get me through in "real life". This small group of Mom's to share the daily
ups and downs of homeschool life with over a cup of coffee.
You have all read here about how this group of Mom's help me (and Princess)
get through a week and none of that would be possible without Melissa .
We both joined the (now defunct) homeschool science group,
which morphed into a homeschool play group, and now she is leading us through a science
group again. ((BIG HUGS))

I think I have officially shared this award with all of my blogroll (I know that's cheating a bit)
so spread the bloggy love around some more.
And Wendy...if you hadn't given it to me first, I would have given it to you..oh heck..
I'm giving it to you anyway! ;-)


Mrs. Darling said...

Thank you so much for the award. I'll pick it up this weekend. You are too sweet.

zilla said...

Congratulations, and thanks for the recognition!

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, You two are two of the busiest,
and yet...the first to comment.
((big hugs))
It means a lot that I make the cut
of what gets done in your day. ;-)

patience said...

((big hugs)) you are one of the coolest, nicest webloggers around, and one of the people I most wish I could meet irl.

bean said...

Thank you Kate for including my weblog. You are so kind. I have enjoyed very much this past year dropping in and seeing what you and P are up to ...lots of good stuff here to be inspired by.

Mom Unplugged said...

Ooo, thank you so much for thinking of me! I am glad you enjoy my bog! Can I give this one back to you too?? You made my day!

Gottfredsen said...

You always know how to make my day. You are so sweet for this. I love your blog to. It is always so great to see what you and P are up to. I get some great ideas to do here. Of course the book list is wonderful to *Grin*. Thanks again.

Brit said...

Thanks Kate, for including me! I love your blog as well, it's always one of the first I stop by on a daily basis. I don't know what I would do without all the wonderful homeschooling blogs! It's so nice to be listed with so many amazing and creative ladies.

Cher Mere said...

You are such a sweetheart! (and a cool person and great mom!) You re so nice to take the time to write this.

Tara said...

What a warm welcome back- thank you so much!
I am so looking forward to this homeschool year, and sharing it with great bloggers like yourself.

My Inspired Heart said...

Kate....I love your post here, and I identify with your feelings totally! I'm so honored that you included "me" in your list! I do wish I lived closer to many of my bloggy friends to share a cup of coffee over a few laughs...and a few of your tomatoes would be the icing on the cake! ;) But, I am ever thankful for the opportunity to get to "know" my friends through these wonderful blogs! Again, thank YOU for the award! :o)

Nina said...

I love your blog too! I do wish I could make more time to write about the books I love. You should see the pile sitting here next to my computer. So many good books to share.

Sara said...

what a list of bloggy goodness! I just discovered a new blog to read, clicking on your links.

8)(8 said...

Thank you, Kate. There were a few neat ones that I had not seen before.

It looks like it was a great summer for your family.

And cute meme, a number of contradictions.;) I like to travel, but I don't like to fly.

Patricia said...

Thank you for including my blog. I love your blog too!!

AmySue said...

Hey Kate - you inspire many people - and you are such and awesome blogger!!

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