Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Book Post (should have been on Tuesday)

Here is a bit of a book post....
Princess enjoyed very much........

Sleepless Beauty
Another fun take on a classic fairy tale.
A beautiful baby is born..a wicked witch is not invited..
a spell is cast...the outcome is not quite the same.
Princess wants her own alarm clock now.

Princess enjoyed the cute pictures of the young girl
(with long blond hair just like!) as well as a story
that opens the possibility to grow up and do all you have dreamed.
The joy in the right now was not lost on her either.

How to Paint a Portrait of a Bird
This book was billed as a meditation on art,creativity and wonder
that has meaning for every reader.
Princess and I both loved the art and thought the poem was lovely.
She especially loved the musical notes floating around and the ending.

Cherry Time
Princess picked this book out at the library because of the title
and gentle illustrations. The story is about a shy little boy who has trouble
playing with other children until he meets a new friend in a cherry tree.
They help each other be brave. Princess found it a little sad, but we enjoyed it all the sam

We hope you can find something from this list to enjoy at your next visit to your local library
or bookstore. Next week we'll share some more.


zilla said...

Fabulous new masthead, Kate!

Cher Mere said...

I love children's picture books. I wish I had more time to read them these days. *sad face*

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Plato said...

Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind. Therefore do not use compulsion, but let early education be a sort of amusement; you will then be better able to discover the child's natural bent .