Saturday, September 20, 2008

Green Up Saturday

Do you care where your food comes from?
Let the USDA know you care...

Food and Water Watch

I am trying to get back on track here in the Garden State,
however technical difficulties are slowing me down.


Naomi said...

I just read in the paper this morning that they've approved genetically engineered animals for consumption and it's labeling won't reflect it's orgins. FDA deputy commissioner Lutter said "if the composition of meat or other food has been changed, such as by increasing its content of omega-3 fats, that would be reflected in its labeling. But if the animal simply grows faster or is more environmentally friendly without changes in composition, that would not."

The gov't is going to do whatever they want, but shouldn't we be allowed the choice? If there's nothing wrong with it, then why not put a label on it? I don't want to buy crap like this! Ugh. And I can't afford organic...I guess I'll have to become a vegetarian...oh wait, that stuff is pretty darn expensive poor people always get screwd in the end.

I love how they're sneaking in all these crap while everyone's distracted by the election...okay, not the election but that maniac palin.

done venting.

8)(8 said...

Yes, I am very concerned about foods and cosmetics like lip balm, coming from foreign countries with different standards of processing than ours. I am trying to buy even more unpackaged, organic foods. I was just talking about this today so thanks for the link.

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Plato said...

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