Thursday, September 25, 2008

Making the best of it..

sometimes that is just what you have to do. Make the best of a day that is supposed to
go one way, but slowly unravels.Tuesday we were supposed to drive up to the
Watchung Reservation with our homeschool group for our science lesson and some fun.
We were really looking forward to it, stocked the truck with audio books, snacks, etc
to keep the ride entertaining for our young intrepid traveler and had our science bag packed.
We had instead some vehicle drama (she's an old truck-enough said) and missed out homeschool
group day. Instead we took our already packed lunch and walked a couple of blocks to the local

We don't go here very often because although I like that there is almost never anyone there,

Princess prefers the busier play areas.

We sat on a bench and had lunch and played
and walked home,
collecting leaves as we went.I was congratulating myself on how nicely I handled things and how well
Princess adapted to the change in plans, when we got home and she said "let me go to the bathroom and we
can go to our play date". Huh? How did she think that was going to happen? Was she not listening to the entire
conversation we had before the park? Visions of countless similar experiences and conversations
with her father flashed before my eyes...
I must admit. Doesn't anyone listen when I talk?
We made dinner together and she helped me move more stuff around in her "school room".
We actually have the books somewhat organized into subjects now...math, science,geography.."etc.
I desperately wish to sell her play kitchen, but she is not giving it up so easily.She did agree to let me get rid of
her bookshelf/toy box and some smaller toys that she doesn't play with anymore and some books were packed up for the new babies in the family.She insisted some remain as they will surely visit our house once in a while.
That was our day although we did Cha-Cha while we watched Dancing with the is our habit.;-)
That and the park make for a well rounded P.E. day right?

Wednesday went better with a trip to a nursery for hay bales and mini pumpkins (we only grew big ones this year)

for her party. We will have a "decorate your own mini pumpkin" event as well as some other crafts and games.
It is supposed to rain from today until Saturday, and be clear Sunday. I am hoping it is also clear for most of Saturday, so my yard can dry out. It will not be fun if we are all crammed inside my house!
If the weather does not cooperate, I may hold off the family until the week after and have them for cake and such
then. I am not sure. Our house is very little..very little.
Princess had a great time at the nursery, counting pumpkins and figuring out how much money things would cost,
how many little scarecrows she could buy with how much money.Once home, we cleaned some more after stacking everything on the front porch where they will stay dry when the rains come.Princess did some work on
the computer, we did some laundry.The mail came. Boy was she excited....not only did she get several birthday cards in the mail, but she got a package from our friends Gabe and Sam.

Wow!! She had to read the enclosed note over and over all night.
"It's so nice to have friends who care about me Momma."
and then..."Can we call them for a play date tomorrow?" Clearly, I should have asked for a globe
for her birthday! ;-)


Gottfredsen said...

To funny she asked for a play date. When we were getting ready to send it Gabe asked if he could go over and play with her. And he has a Globe, LOL. Sometime we will have to get together though. We head through New Jersey to go visit family every so often, so it is possible.
I am glad that she liked her gifts. I love that picture of her, it put a smile on my face.

Stephanie said...

:) Don't you love it when you THINK you're on the same page...

patience said...

She probably had hopes that you had forgotten or that the universe could be persuaded to change its mind ;-)

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

SO nice of you Heather. DS asks all the time if he can see his friend in Texas. Yeah, we'll just hop on over there even though I have explained it a million times and with a map LOL.

zilla said...

Hmmm. Maybe you could explain the distances of visiting certain friends in terms of multiples of distances she's familiar with?

You're holding up well :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, a girl can hope. Wouldn't it be great if we could get together for a play date.I hope everything is resovled with your truck. Sorry you missed the science day.

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Plato said...

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