Thursday, May 8, 2008

Where did the week go?

I did not even realize that I have not posted since Monday.
The weather has been nice and we have been outside a lot.
I have a stack of books to post about, but we have been enjoying
reading them too much for me to write about it. LOL
Princess has amused herself making up "magic tricks". We have played fun maths
games outside in the shade of the cedars.Princess has used her sidewalk chalk everywhere except
the sidewalk (we really don't have any).We have napped on the couchand crafted in the kitchenWe broke out the bubbles and everyone had fun.
Farmer Dad and Princess have been enjoying lovely games of baseball in the backyard while
I cook dinner.Would they be considered a "farm" team?Here is our resident Robin enjoying the game from the "stands".
The garden is growing nicely, here is Princess doing the afternoon check for pest damage... Princess and I planted her newest butterfly bush
it is the small green in the lower right hand corner.
The squirrels stole all my strawberry plants! All of them! The whole
plant..just took them out and ran off with them. WT???
Good thing we have two kinds of raspberries,blackberries,gooseberries and two kinds of currants
and grapes (not to mention all the fruit trees) to help us survive the loss!
I still haven't quite forgiven the squirrels, I'm just saying we will have other fruit.
We spent the morning yesterday cleaning the living room and the afternoon in the yard.
I got a bunch of stuff together to freecycle and listed them this morning. Hopefully
they will go by tomorrow. It started out being rainy today, but it looks like the sun may
still come out to play. Farmer Dad took the day off to go to a Yankee game with his friend
today, and if it's nice tomorrow we may hit Sandy Hook for some pre-season fun.
They are calling for rain though, so I will not get my hopes up.If it doesn't work out we can always play in our own private beach.;-)


Gottfredsen said...

Well that all seems like good reasons for not posting to me. What a wonderful week.

Patience said...

I'm sorry squirrels took your strawberries. When we were young and living on an island, my mother had a vegetable garden. She was engaged in constant warfare with the possums and wallabies. In the end, she had to have double-reinforced chicken wire fencing AND ROOFING the garden, to keep them out.

Eric and Wendy said...

What fun!

Oob thanks you for dropping by and would like to tell you that if you were here would personally grab your nose!

ZILLA said...

Dratted squirrels!

Is it too late for a second planting? I've heard sprinkling cayenne pepper in the garden deters even the cutest thieves...

You're so busy I'm winded just reading about it!

Mrs. Darling said...

I agree; all good reasons for sparse posting. Here its the moles that eat the gardens. Its so frustrating.

Tara said...

Those huge math blocks- too cool!!

Angela said...

YOu have been busy! There must be something about this week, or the warm weather. The rain this morning was the thing that reminded me I haven't been visiting my blog buddies!

Those nasty squirrels!

Cher Mere said...

Look like you all are having so much fun! The playground looks cool. (I like P's shoes, are they crocs?)

Sorry about the strawberries. The rest of the fruits sounds really good! yum!

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Plato said...

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