Friday, May 2, 2008

May Day

"Flipper" has returned and likes to enjoy a bit of grass in the morning right outside the porch door.
He doesn't mind the cats at all. This annoys the cats a great deal. ;-)
Princess and I slept a bit later than usual, and then we had some school time.
We looked into Geese, were going to add a goose to our bird wall, but she did not
want to color it yet. The goose was in honor of Mother Goose Day.
We read some Mother Goose, Princess did a word search and some maths.
It was a nice day all in all. I brought up some summer clothes and cleaned her room from top to
bottom. Moved the furniture a bit to clean behind them and then just because we like a seasonal change.
I pulled her Barbie house out of the closet so she can play with it more often. I transferred all her dress up clothes
and accessories to her armoire instead of the plastic bin on wheels we had been using.Hopefully it will cut
down on the number of times I must climb over the contents. It was a success last night as she was able to remove the bits she wanted without emptying everything else from the cabinet and drawers. The bin would have been empty on it's side from her searching for the perfect hair clip or tutu. ;-)
You'll notice in the pictures there is a framed picture next to her bed, it is Bon Jovi (hey, this is Jersey).
Princess cut it out of a magazine and wanted to tape it to her bedside table. I put it in a frame for her instead.
The vanity table is from her cousin, she loves to put on her lip balm and brush her hair while looking in the mirror.
I still have to bring up her spring /summer curtains, but we'll get to it. Today we have been doing laundry and cleaning out the various cabinets in our dining room. Princess has been a huge help, folding and carrying.
She also did some computer work and read to me a bit for school.Now she is doing some watercolors.
I needed to get off my feet and have a bite to eat, so I figured I should pop in here.
We have dough rising for pizza night, and will possibly go to hear some music tonight.
Maybe we will just stay home. I received Alvin and the Chipmunks on DVD in the mail yesterday
from an online contest sponsored by .
Friday night may well find this family on our couch and in our p.j.s with a bowl of popcorn
watching those little scamps sing.


Patience said...

What an adorable bedroom for a little girl. I love the Bon Jovi photo!

ZILLA said...



Good work, Kate.

I love your perky "Flipper!"

Cher Mere said...

I want a bunny for our yard! (No, I know I don't...)
I really need to spring clean Z's room too.

LOL - Bon Jovi... okay so I have to share that yesterday we watched Ladyhawke and Z developed a crush on Rutger Hauer. *hee hee* But then she said 'But, I don't like him more than I like David Bowie!" yeah, great... she is into blond guys who were already kind of old in the 1980s.

Jenny said...

We have a resident rabbit too! He only comes out early in the morning though, so CJ rarely gets to see him. I cleaned out her "craft area" this week, and I have the shelves in her learning room waiting for me soon. My sister and I used to watch the Chipmunks cartoon on Sat. mornings ages ago- thanks for the memory!

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Plato said...

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