Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Latest Tuesday Book Post

Here are some of what we are reading to and with Princess right now:

Sophie's Knapsack
Early one morning Sophie,who can only see a small patch of sky out her apartment window,
joins her parents on a hike up a mountain.
Her knapsack is a major part of the journey from the packing to
being used as her pillow on the way home.
Sophie's first camping trip is the kind of outdoors experience we all wish
for our children.Princess enjoyed this book very much.

The Gardener
This book is a perennial favorite of ours. Lydia Grace Finch brings a suitcase full of seeds,
plenty of stationary, and a passion for gardening to the big gray city, where she goes
to stay with her Uncle Jim, a grumpy baker.This book is set in the depression and
Princess and I both love the way this little gardener makes everything bloom.
We will be planting flowers in every chipped tea cup we can find this year.

The Money Tree

I really like this story about Miss McGillicuddy going about the business of her life as people come from far and wide to harvest from her "money tree". I especially love the last illustration of her sitting in front of her fire with her feet up and her pets all around her..tea pot by her side.

We Hate Rain!

Mary Ann and Louie have had enough of the rain after two days, but their Grandpa tells a story about how it rained for a month straight when he was a boy.By the end of the book the sun is out again. I won't ruin it for you by telling more than that. We enjoyed it a great deal.

Thunder Cake

If you have not read this story before, you should. The author reaches into her memories
of her childhood fear of thunder and how her Babushka (Grandmother) helped her overcome it.
Princess really loves the bright folk art illustrations.
You should plan on making a thunder cake (recipe provided in the back) with your little ones
after reading this or at least the next time the thunder rolls in.

Duck & Goose

Princess got a kick out of this story of Duck and Goose arguing
over an egg.Cute illustrations. We especially love the one where they are told it's not an egg, but a ball. ;-)Very endearing story.

The Raft
This book is a bit too old for Princess, and she really had no interest in hearing it at all, but
for some reason, the cover art spoke to me at the library and I had to take it home.
Some of you with older children may find they enjoy it.
Nicky is not happy about spending the summer with his Grandpa in the Wisconsin woods,
but one day a raft appears and it changes everything. The raft allows him to explore the river
and helps open up the wonders all around him.He even begins to draw the wildlife he sees.
Very lovely story. I'll take it out when P is older or maybe when it just feels more right for her.


Cher Mere said...

Very good reviews!

Mrs. Darling said...

We havent read real alouds in awhile now. It's so hard to fit it in but I must. Thanks for this post.It reminds me again to get with it.

Mariposa said...

We have Thundercake. We love Patricia Palacco!

Nina said...

I love reading reviews of older books. It is crazy how many books there are that we haven't read. I am going to order Sophie's Backpack. It sounds wonderful.

See my review for Violet the Pilot. The illustrations remind me of David Small. We love all those Stewart/Small books.

I've not read The Raft ether. The cover art is beautiful.

Thanks for the reviews!

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Plato said...

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