Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Well, it started out that way....Princess and I got up and ready for our day.
We put all the seedlings into the garden and took care of the kitties.
We showered and had a bath and combed our hair. We drove away to meet
our good friends so she could drive some more (Thanks Bec!) and take us to
celebrate our other friend's son's 5th Birthday! The weather was perfect, the children
were pretty close to it as well. Then we got in the car to drive home and all the good behavior
they displayed in the park started to disintegrate in the way so many of us Moms have seen
far too often at the end of a sunny park play date.
The three kids were hot and tired and cranky. The Mom's could not find their way home.
Sure, it's funny now, but none of our passengers were the least bit amused all the way home.
As we got to within spitting distance of our parked car, Princess asked to see my hand, I put it over the seat,
she hit me on my elbow, and my ring went flying off my finger into the back of my friend's car.
You should have seen the four of us pulling bags and extra clothes and all the other paraphernalia
us Mom's carry in our vehicles. The little one just watched from her stroller (I'm pretty sure she was smirking).
Oh well..they'll come across it one day doing the laundry or during a diaper change at the soccer fields.
Princess and I thanked them for the ride and we left for home. Farmer Dad was waiting for Mexican food
to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It was too late and we were too tired and cranky to go out, so F.D.kindly
went to pick up instead. I'm heading to bed after posting a couple of pics of the kids having fun.


Cher Mere said...

oh no! I hope you find your ring. Was it your wedding ring?

amanda said...

What a day! I admire your sense of humor about it :) Did you ever find your ring?
At least you got to have take-out Mexican dinner. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Mariposa said...

I hope you find your ring!

Gottfredsen said...

At least the day started out great sorry about the way it ended. Hope you find your ring.

Wendy Hawksley said...

Eh, such is life with kids, right? I know all about it. I'm so sorry about the loss of your ring!

ZILLA said...

Oh, dear me suds!

A story to reassure you:

One winter, we took a family trip to New Zealand, Australia, and Tasmania. The seasons there are opposite ours and we were traveling during our winter, which was nice, because for once I did NOT have to launder everything immediately upond oour arrival back home!

Upon arrival in New Zealand, MrZ discovered his wedding ring was missing. It was a very nice platinum ring with gold trim. He's not big on jewelry and neither am I, but we both loved that ring.

We were both crushed. What could have happened to it?

So, approaching the following Valentine's Day, I decided I should replace his ring, even though it was not insured. I decided to do this in secret, so it would be a surprise. The one day I had available to go to the jeweler, MrZ decided he and Beanpole should catch up on their domestic tasks.

In Beanpole's room, they FINALLYN went through Beanpole's bag from the trip three months before. Strapped to the inside of the bag with a plastic tag marked by TSA was MrZ's wedding ring.

Whenever you've lost something, it's ALWAYS in the last place you look for it :-)

Let us know when you find your ring, Kate.

ZILLA said...

PS: New laptop; this keyboard is NOT helping against the typos!

Susan said...

It's funny, but our play days out with friends always start out wonderful, but end in exhaustion, frayed nerves, and often something lost (baby's best sunhat...the good water bottle..."chickie"--a lovey that one of my children will not travel or sleep without (thankfully, we have two back-ups stowed away in my closet). Even so, I love days out with other moms and their children.

I hope your ring is found!

Mrs. Darling said...

Theres nothing like tired kids to stress a mommy. Your dinner sounds like a lovely thing at the end of that kind of day!

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