Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monday,Yesterday and Today

Monday we spent the morning quietly watching the rain and then went to visit with our good friends
for ice cream cake and pleasant company.
Princess and K. played everything from dress up to Wii.
As usual I had to carry her kicking and screaming because she hates to leave there.
I'm sort of exaggerating here, there was no kicking, and although she was mad, she didn't actually
scream. I did not carry her, but she was not pleased with my timing.
Yesterday we had our weekly homeschool group
open play date. They have been getting better and
better. The kids (I'd say girls, but we have a little boy J
who has become a favorite little regular) are really getting along
and gel nicely as a group. It is so nice to have girls the same age as
Princess for her to hang out with regularly...that they are homeschooled
and I like their Moms is just such a nice bonus! This week we had a little craft
time, and the girls made little books. They had so much fun sharing ideas.
One of the Moms is an avid scrapbooker, and she provided invaluable ideas and
supplies, like a really cool flower shaped punch and a device to sew the books together.
She also baked us a yummy quiche (thanks A.!)
Princess had the best time "reading" her book to little J who happily sat and listened to the whole thing!
He also joined in by drawing some lovely pictures.

Today we had to bring my Grandmother to her bank and then to the grocery store.
Princess picked out one cheese from France and one from Australia for a snack.
When we got back to Grandma's house she shared some cookies with Princess and they played
with the dog, while I balanced her checkbook. We are planning on doing this each week,
but she has changed her mind before, so we'll see. Once back home, Princess and I had lunch
and brought our books outside. She "rescued" (her words) a worm and after studying him, she returned
him to his natural habitat (our garden). We cut some lettuce and asparagus for dinner and then it looked quite stormy, so we went inside and Princess watched a math dvd we borrowed from the library.
Farmer Dad got home from work and we had a snack of our new cheeses and some "French" bread and olives.
All day we have had tons of fledgling birds filling our fig tree and here are the ones the didn't fly off when my camera started going off.
They were all waiting for these guys to leave the feeder.


Mariposa said...

What a neat day. It was filled with nature, friends and family. I like the photo of P holding the worm.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I, too, love the one of P and the worm. So adoragle. Your week's sound so balanced and fun. Was the math DVD worth mentioning?

Patience said...

Scapbooking can be so much fun. It looks like a wonderful day - but then, it always does in your neck of the woods! :-)

Mrs. Darling said...

I just noticed today that the finches are back at our feeder both gold finch and purple finch. They're so pretty after the browns of winter.

Cher Mere said...

I am glad for you that your homeschool group is working out so well.

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

you're lucky with the homeschool group. I have given up. I may start one up when ds is in Kindergarten. Zahara would love to do art and craft with other girls.
I love how gentle P is with the worm. Ds was "cooking" a worm in the sun the other day. He is far from gentle. What a great week.

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Plato said...

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