Thursday, May 15, 2008

Six Unspectacular Quirks

I have been tagged by the Zoomlians
to come up with six unspectacular quirks, as follows:

* Link the person who tagged you
* Mention the rules in your blog
* Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours
* Tag a new set of six following bloggers by linking them

So here we go.....
  1. Princess and I will intentionally dig bugs out of the compost pile or the ground with our bare hands outside, but we both freak out (and will not touch it) if the same bug is found inside the house.
  2. Princess sings almost everything..normal conversations regularly turn into "dinner theatre" around here.
  3. Princess and I both prefer crushed ice in our drinks because we don't like "big ice" flying towards our faces.
  4. Princess prefers listening to a story over reading it herself, I am the opposite.
  5. Princess prefers listening to Bon Jovi in the car, I prefer listening to the Curious George soundtrack by Jack Johnson.
  6. Princess and I both think we are not quirky at all. ;-)
Now I will tag 6 random people.....all of whom will have a quirk or two
up their sleeve to share.
Cher Mere @ Catching_Fireflies
Patience @ the wind knitter
Mariposa @ mariposa-academy
Tara @ periwinkles and pine
Amanda @ rowdy pea
Heather @ gottfredsen academy.

I know the rest of you readers have at least a quirk or two as well,
you can't all be as "normal" as Princess and I, so feel free to join in and leave us a comment
if you do (or not..we'd still love to hear from you).


Cher Mere said...

You guys are funny!

I'll do it now.

Patience said...

Thank you for thinking of me :-) I have missed you lately - I am so busy I felt like I haven't given enough attention to my blogger friends. So it was nice to read this funny, cute post :-)

Mrs. Darling said...

Isnt tha thow it is? Its hard to find our quirks because we dont see ourselves as quirky!

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, I should probably open it up and have all my readers (yes, more work for you 7 people) tell what my "quirks" are. ;-)

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Plato said...

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