Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekly plans

Still keeping relaxed here in our little corner of the Garden State,
but here are some of our "plans". Princess is very interested in reading right now,
so we will spend more time with that and drop others as necessary.

Monday March 10,2008

Unplug group project

The theme for next week’s Unplugged Project goes along with the Bubblegum Books annual contest for TV Turn-Off Week. This year’s contest is themed: “Show Your Shiny Side”, so the theme for next week is:

What makes you (your child) shine?or just "shiny"

Tuesday,March 11,2008 Johnny Appleseed Day
We will be reading the books about
John Chapman listed on the right and
this site
I will post another book post Tuesday as well.

Wednesday,March 12,2008 The anniversary of the 1st use of the Ballet Tutu.
We will have some fun with this.

Thursday,March 13,2008 Planet Uranus Discovered
and Princess's Aunt Laurie's Birthday.

Friday, March 14,2008
Children's Craft Day
and Einstein and Princess's Nana's Birthday.
We will have a fun craft to share.

This week is Music in the Classroom Week, so we will be listening to
a lot of music..


patience said...

Another great week at the homeschool for a special pink princess! Great to hear that she is enjoying reading.

Heather said...

Some Great Ideas there. I will have to see if the boys will let me do the tutu one with them. probally not LOL. Oh well fun week.

Cher Mere said...

Cool plan! I really love what you are doing.

amanda said...

I just left a big long comment and blogger ate it! darn it.

Have fun with all of your special days. Tutu day sounds especially promising. My son loves his pom poms but draws the line at wearing a tutu. go figure.

We'll have to check out some of those Johnny Appleseed books. He was always one of my favorite historical people to learn about.

I've been mostly away from the computer for a few weeks and I'm enjoying catching up with your blog :)

Mariposa said...

That is neat that P enjoys reading.

Ami frequently requests music during math.

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Plato said...

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