Monday, March 24, 2008

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

Saturday morning we attended a Breakfast with the Easter Bunny.
It was organized by the PTO of the preschool our friend's
youngest child attends.They did a lovely job organizing everything
in just two weeks.
There was face painting and the Easter Bunny and a magician
and an Easter Egg hunt to entertain the kids. A tricky tray and yummy food for all
and goody bags for the kids. All donated. Every dime raised was
going to my friend's family to help deal with their loss.
It was a very heartwarming morning.Her husband was in shock at the
magnitude of support in this terrible time for them.
The lovely parents who run the PTO of the son's school asked if it
would be ok if they continued delivering meals 3 nights a week to the
family, they had it arranged through June. It is always nice to see how
much people pull together in times of crisis.
A reminder to all of us STAY AT HOME MOMS to be sure there
we have life insurance and not just on our husbands. Your family would be at a loss without you
even though you do not "bring in a paycheck".How would they go on?
Just a thought.


Mrs. Darling said...

I actually think our household would operate better if my husband died than if I died. The kids are used tome all the time and hes gone to work the large part of the day. I mean I hope none of us do but you know what Im saying. My death would make a greater impact on their everyday lives cause Im the one with them.

Thats a great thing the kids are doing! Wonderful!

patience said...

What a great day for a great cause!

Angela said...

This is so heart-warming! Such community support must really give hope to this family. And what an important reminder for all of us!

Patricia said...

Isn't it amazing what people can do.

Maddie, Mad Rambler said...

Very strange that you should mention the life insurance. My husband and I actually had this same conversation over the weekend. He has great life insurance (he's in a high risk profession) and I have none. We were discussing how we need to get some for me because he coldn't afford to keep the house and pay someone to do all the things I do. After a serious discussion it turned into figuring out how much he would need to pay for a nanny, housekeeper, laundress, cook, chauffer, grounds keeper, teacher, dictator,toilet scrubber, seamstress and of course baby translator!

You know your life is a bit crazy when you can include "dictator" and "toilet scrubber" all in the same sentence when describing yourself.

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Plato said...

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