Friday, March 21, 2008

Pictures, lack of crafts and dying microwave..

OK, here are some pictures from Thursday.
We did not do a single craft, nor did we
bake or even attempt to decorate a single
desert. Princess was busy all day playing
with her dolls and stuffed animal friends
and I tried to get a jump on the laundry
and a bit of cleaning done.
She did get outside a bit when Farmer Dad came home
and they played and ran around while I got dinner ready.
Notice she is wearing her cardigan (hand knitted-just like Mr.R.).
I took a ride with my sister to pick something up from
freecycle and then went to the library because we had books
due and books on hold, and the next day I would get there
would be Tuesday! These next few days will be busy for us.
I will have to actually leave my house people! You know how
this pains me.;-)
Today we have an Easter Egg Hunt with our play group, and
tomorrow we have Breakfast with the Easter Bunny (a fund raiser
for Fran's kids) and Sunday is Easter and Monday will be a "Camp Katie Day"
with my friends twins. We will also try to fit in bringing my niece some "baby gear",
fixing the garden fence and planting peas and strawberries. Farmer Dad also is on the hunt again for
a Bosc Pear tree like he had growing up.
I will post pictures of all the excitement as it happens....
This is a little "art and craft" desk I picked up last week from a freecycler near me.


Mariposa said...

Have a great holiday weekend. The desk is very nice! Yesterday, we had a day sort of like yours.

We only have one lesson to go to today because everything else is off due to Good Friday. I am going to make an Easter Egg hunt for Ami and her 4 year old cousin.

Cher Mere said...

I love that little chair! I want one!

Your yard looks like a wonderful place to play.

I hope you really enjoy all your weekend plans.

Patricia said...

I don't know what I would do without freecycle.

ZILLA said...

Believe it or not, I've got a perfectly working microwave to post to my freecycle group just as soon as my Internet's back up.

Very cute pictures!

Happy belated Easter, Kate!

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