Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rainy day in the Garden State

I sat watching the rain come down as I read my e-mails
this morning and started my coffee. Princess slept in
until 9am and it was quiet here with just the kitties at my feet.
We did our usual read a little, play a little eat a little morning thing
and then Princess wanted to make some "art". We pulled out some paints
and paper and she painted until lunch time. Mac and cheese fit the bill
perfectly with the rain falling and we shared a bean burrito as well.
Lunch gave way to bath time (normal after painting for us) and pretty soon
it was time for Farmer Dad to come home. We did some maths and read some
more. Princess made some shamrocks for the living room window.
She played with Pumpkin in her room and I just peeked in there and it
is a disaster area! Oh well. She can clean it after playing with Farmer Dad.
They are heavily into a game of Trouble right now after playing a few dozen hands of Uno.
I am waiting for dinner to be ready.


Jenny said...

What a lovely rainy day the two of you had. I can't imagine CJ ever sleeping in until 9!

Mrs. Darling said...

Thats really what rainy days are all about!

Angela said...

We get crafty on rainy days as well! It looks like we will have a rainy weekend as well. Enough already!

I just noticed your bookshelf side adorable!

Cher Mere said...

I love playing Uno with Z.

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