Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

We have a little tradition here in our corner of the Garden State
of holding a "Rainbow Scavenger Hunt" to find the treasure the
Leprechauns leave for Princess every St.Patty's Day morn.
We use the colors of the rainbow...RED,ORANGE,YELLOW,GREEN,BLUE,INDIGO,VIOLET
because the treasure (or pot of gold) is always found at the end of the rainbow
We started this a couple of years ago and normally this is a
great way to have Farmer Dad keep her busy while I prepare
breakfast, however this year he was at work, and we did it
just the two of us.Princess woke up to this little guy
(Great Grandma brought him back from Ireland this past year)
He sent her to the bathroom..which she needed to visit anyway 1st thing in the morning.
The next clue sent her to the dining room,
That clue sent her across the room to look behind the living room curtains...
That clue sent her into the "master bedroom"...
Under a blanket on our blanket rack...
The next clue sent her back into the bathroom...
that clue was written to send her to Farmer Dad's back pocket, but I just told her to look in mine
instead (the Leprechaun probably didn't realize people work here in America on St Patty's
This one sent her back to her room to look for the Violet bear,but was she then informed me ,
actually a bunny..(that silly Leprechaun again).Princess decided it was probably hard for him to tell what
it was when it was so dark in her room at night.;-)

What did the Leprechaun bring her?
Why a "maths" game of course!
That Leprechaun is not so silly after all ;-).
The coolest part was , that this year she read most of the clues herself!
Yes, this sappy Momma was wiping a tear or two during the scavenger hunt.
I am so proud of her some days my heart could just burst!

~We hope all of you find magical surprises today!


Maddie, Mad Rambler said...

I love this activity... what a great fun way to "teach" colors first, then to help read and understand the context... Great idea, Kate, I will definately have to do this one next year... I love it...

Patience said...

We love scavenger hunts here. So much fun!

Cher Mere said...

That is such a fun and sweet idea. I love reading about family rituals like that.

Happy St. Patricks Day.

Heather said...

OMG!!! To funny, I had your page up today and Sam saw it. He loved this. We did the traps idea this year. He liked that alot but asked me to have a talk with the leprachauns next year so we can do your project. Such a silly boy. Guess we are going to do your idea next year.

Heather said...

One last thing where did you get that game. I Love it.

Mariposa said...

I love it! Congratulations to both of you on the reading.

Eric and Wendy said...

What fun! I'd love to try that next year, the Zoomlians will love it!

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Plato said...

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