Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Camp Katie Day

Monday was a day off of school for my friend's daughters,
so it was time for another Camp Katie Day!
We had crafts and activities planned, but the girls have not
spent time together in so long, they mostly wanted to play.
You will notice in the pictures, they are all wearing their
Camp Katie Day t-shirts.
They started the day with the stack of library books on
the coffee table and moved out to the 3 season room for
some doll house play and jumping on the mini trampoline.
O. enjoyed drawing on the chalkboard,
and J. had a grand time
setting up the doll house neighborhood for the three of them to

play in. I called them in to make their own pizza. I had the dough ready, and
they each rolled out,
put the sauce and cheese on and I put them in the oven.
They decided my craft idea was "too much work",
so they colored pictures that I had printed off the computer instead.
They are not into crafting the way Princess is,
so I knew to be prepared with an alternative.When the pizza was ready they set
themselves up in front of the tv and watched a movie while they ate. Princess also
brought her Barbies out to the living room (she rarely just watches t.v.) and soon they were
all in her room, movie forgotten playing again. After a snack, their Mom came to pick them up,
bringing with her a huge bag of clothes that they have outgrown for Princess. Words don't describe
how excited this made her. She spent hours after they left trying each item on and twirling around the living room
first for me, then Farmer Dad when he arrived home from work.
She is such a girl! lol
We had a good night and bed time went more smoothly than it has been lately.


Mrs. Darling said...

That is the coolest room! Is that a train table you're using for the doll house? What a neat idea. Goodness, it all looks like fun!

Cher Mere said...

That looks like a fun day. You had some good activities planned. I know Z would love it if I did something like that.

Patience said...

So much fun. I always think that when three little girls get together the wisest mother simply stands back and lets them at it. In my experience they never fail to be extremely busy! Of course, that didn't stop me for years setting up cool activities for them to do - activities they seldom touched and, if they did, showed little interest in.

Maddie, Mad Rambler said...

P looked like she had a great time. And I think that is the neatest idea... Camp Kaite Day! with matching shirts and all, lucky little girls to have each other and lucky litle P to have you.

Ps. I am wrestling some peeps out of hubby's hands as we speak and sending them off to rescue you! LOL

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals!

Mrs D- yes..I was planning on "re-decorating" it, but that hasn't happened yet. It has a nice drawer
to store some of the accessories,
and it basically keeps it all off the floor for much easier clean up.;-)
And yes, I got it from freecycle.
C& P- feel free to come join us.
M- LOL Thank you, the situation is very dire here. ;-)

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