Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We wish you a Merry Christmas...

Christmas Eve had moments of quiet contemplation and
sheer panic.We finally got a plumber to come tend to
our clogged drain, so I can do laundry and dishes again.
The weather was lovely, so Princess and Farmer Dad
went outside to run around, her hands were cold, so she came running into the kitchen,
caught her foot on a cabinet (we think) and toppled over screaming in pain.
Her foot swelled up and had a bleeding cut. She was freaking at the suggestion that
we head over to the emergency room, so we called our friend Miss Nurse and she dropped
her Christmas Eve craziness and drove over to check Princess's foot out.By the time she arrived with her son,
Princess had ice on her no longer swollen foot and was happily watching a holiday program on tv.
She checked her out, told me what to watch for and left her son happily playing with Princess while she ran a quick errand nearby. Another friend stopped in with her daughter for a long awaited visit.
The kids all played, the adults chatted. They left, and my sister stopped by with a couple of presents for Princess one of which was her favorite game from childhood, Perfection.
They played and Princess was delighted to also receive a "cake decorating " kit she has been asking for
since they started advertising it on TV as well as a whole case full of matchbox cars!!
Even the cats got a present..the cutest cat nip mat. One or the other has been on it ever since!
We ate dinner just the three of us, and then played with her new toys some more before starting some bread dough and baking a cake to bring with us to my Aunt's house the next day and watching Polar Express together.
Princess insisted on writing a note to Santa to go with his milk and cookies and then getting into bed early, but could not settle down to sleep..she was cold, she was hot,
she was tired, she was not...she was so excited for Santa to arrive.
Christmas morning, I got up and started the coffee, set the table, lit the candles and tree.
Put the cinnamon rolls into the oven and fed the cats. I also did some more laundry, before I realized
Princess was still sleeping. I had to wake her up! She was tired, but excited to see if Santa left her presents.
We all watched her open, watched the cats play with the toys left in their stockings, and had breakfast while A Christmas Story played in the background.Princess was most excited about getting a copy of David Shannon's Bad Case of Stripes. I went a bit overboard this year and she got 3 books from me, 3 games from her Dad,
Curious George on DVD from the cats and a Polly Pocket set and barbie doll (still in it's box, but "inherited"from my niece's collection) and a set of "mega blocks" that I picked up from a Freecycler that were still in the original packaging from Santa. Her stocking had a new toothbrush,chocolates and band aids and the
the new mr. ray CD. Special kudos to my girlfriend who not only picked it up for me, but waiting in line
to have him sign it for her!Normally we only do 1 from me,1 from Dad,1 from the cats and one from Santa and her stocking.
But since they were "little" things,no "big" her guitar and wagon or Barbie house, I figured it was OK.
Truthfully , some of the things were purchased for her birthday,but Farmer Dad ordered her guitar, and she gets so many gifts from other people at her party, that I packed them up instead.The barbie thing was last minute,
because as she fell asleep she mumbled that she hoped he'd remember the barbie doll she asked him for.
I couldn't let her be disappointed.....:-)
We played,and did laundry and got pretty and drove over to my Aunt's house for Christmas Dinner.
We got to meet her new Great Grandson and even had a visit from Santa (my cousin's son home from college)who personally delivered some
presents and Princess was so excited to see him and ask if he liked his note and cookies. He did.:-)
She loved her gifts and we all enjoyed the food and company and playing games (this pic is Cousin Jen...Mom to darling baby J. above)
until we were too tired and full to do it anymore.
What a nice holiday! I hope all of my readers,regardless of what holiday
you celebrate, took the time this week to create some special memories to fill all your hearts
for years to come! ((BIG HUGS))


Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

The picture with the matchbox was priceless. What a happy holiday you had, well besides all the loads of laundry. LOL SHe looked so cute in her santa dress and her baby. Your so lucky to visit so many people. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday.
Merry Christmas. :)

Jenny said...

hi Kate- When I read this post, I just had to tell you that I give my girls toothbrushes and bandaids in their stockings as well. They love to stick bandaids on every little bump and bruise. Normally it drives me crazy but at Christmas I am comfy giving them the whole box and letting them go hog wild!

Merry Christmas-

Frankie said...

What a lovely Christmas! Thanks for sharing. We loved all David Shannon's books here--I forgot about those. (Kids grow up too quickly!)

I love the Santa cake you guys made.

Princess looks beautiful in her dress! She just looks so happy.

Mariposa said...

Wow. What a neat holiday. Ami loved A Bad Case of Stripes too.

Mrs. Darling said...

It all looks lovely! I forgot all about the game Perfection. It was a favorite of mine too!

Cher Mere said...

Merry Christmas to you.

Sounds like such a good time! I am sure Princess was overjoyed with her present from everyone. They sound great!

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Angela H said...

Great Christmas, Kate! So glad it was sans an ER visit, and you even got clean laundry! You are one lucky!

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you one and all!
It was a very "Holly Jolly Christmas"

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