Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree!

Inspired by Amanda's post about her tree,
I am going to show you all some of my most treasured ornaments
on our tree.

My Mum-in-Law worked in a shop
where they sold these Angels, she made one for our tree before we even had one.
It sat wrapped in tissue paper in my hope chest for two years.

This one I made in Kindergarten

This one came from my 6th grade teacher Mrs Hoskins

This is from my beloved (first child) cat Hootie's first Christmas.
(he passed away 3 years ago)

This is from Princess's first Christmas

We got this the year she turned 2 at the Denver Zoo (our first Family Vacation)

We got these last year and have a picture of Princess from that year and one of Dave and I from
Christmas photos from our childhoods.

Our Goddaughter made this one when she was about 11

The same year my Mum-in Law made this for us

These are some of our favorites made by my sister over the yearsMy cousin's children (one of whom is about to have her first baby any minute now)
used to make us an ornament every year
My Brother-in-Law (who like me, loves the search for antiques/used junk)
gave us this one year

Now, how many of you are willing to post a picture of your favorite
tree ornament or other holiday decoration?
If you do, please leave a comment here so I can come see it.


Heather said...

Your tree looks great. Unfortunetly we have not put up our tree yet. So nothing to share yet. But when we get it up next week I will be happy to share it.

Jenny said...

I love these! What a great idea to share pictures of ornaments. My mom still has several of mine on her tree, including a star I made in kindergarten. We don't have any treasures like these on our tree...yet.

Patience said...

Argh, my comment got chewed in processing. I love the way you deck your tree with memories. It looks beautiful.

Angela said...

Ooh! You are giving me tree-envy! I love the ornaments. Ours are filled with memories as well. We have a tradition of each picking out a special ornament each year. You can imagine how overflowing our trees are after 15 years!!! We will be waiting another week before putting ours up, as the fireplace tends to dry them out so quickly.

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all.
Angela- you are giving me fire place- envy! lol We have a fake tree (recycled plastic) and no fireplace, so we put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving every year.This is year number 16 for our tree,the first year we had sea shells painted gold and cinnamon sticks tied with rafia.
I still have some of them. I try to at least make an ornament every year,
even if we don't always buy a new one.

Mariposa said...

Those are special. It so neat that you have some from childhood.

I will do this, but sometime tomorrow.

Cher Mere said...

aww, those are so sweet. I think one of the best parts of tree decorating is taking out the ornaments of sentimental value and talking about them with family

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful, memorable tree

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