Sunday, December 9, 2007

Planning for this week...

I just thought I would stop in quickly and give a heads up for this week.
Sunday at 8pm est the Food Network will be airing the Gingerbread Championships/or Challenge
we will be taping it to watch on Wednesday which is Gingerbread House Day.
Monday we will be participating in Mom Unplugged's Unplug Your Kids Group Project
with the theme..Nature.
Monday is also Emily Dickinson's Birthday, so we will be doing something for that as well..hmm
will there be a tie in?
Tuesday I will have a BIG Book Post.
Wednesday is also Poinsetta Day, but we will be covering that on Thursday.
Friday is the Anniversary of the Discovery of the South Pole, so we will be doing something fun for that too.
We also have a Homeschool Science Play Date on Friday.
Saturday is National Firefighter's Day, so we may do a little something for that as well.
I hope you will stop in to check out what we are up to, and I look forward to seeing what all of
my fellow bloggers get up to this week !


Patience said...

We're doing Emily Dickinson's birthday too! I found a book in the library about "ED's Garden" - her lovely nature poems. I thought this was more suitable for my child at this age than hearing from me about my theories on ED's abuse history ;-) (You'll never read "I dreaded that first robin so" the same way again!)

We do a lot of our schooling nowadays based on historic events. So much fun.

Cher Mere said...

Wow, that is a lot of cool stuff.

My BIL is becoming a firefighter so maybe I should do something for him Saturday.

Angela said...

Oh!~ So many fun things coming up. NG made a gingerbread house on Saturday, and I was thrilled that she was still into it! Make sure to check out Jan Brett's site for go-alongs, as she has lots of neat stuff with her book Gingerbread baby. We might try baking real gingerbread later this month, as this other stuff will break your teeth!

Shauna said...

Kate, so happy you mentioned Gingerbread House Day! We have a kit (actually a foam kit) to make, and so we'll do that on Wednesday! Yippeee!

Glad I'm finally have the time to read other people's blogs again as well.

Mrs. Darling said...

Love all the upcoming stuff. We're working on a gingerbread house too!

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all for stopping by and the kind comments.

Cher Mere said...

I just wanted to write in and say that we are also doing a gingerbread house. Maybe we can all post pictures of our finished products.

Anonymous said...

Your ambition amazes me! I hope you are have a great week.

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My homeschool buddies and I are all posting pics of our "home schools" as part of our idea sharing.

Plato said...

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