Thursday, December 13, 2007

Still baking....

for those who were hoping we would have pics of a finished
and lovely gingerbread house today, so sorry.
Yesterday did not go as planned. We did make our dough..I forgot to do it the night before.
We read our stories..we couldn't watch our program, because I did something wrong when taping,
and all I got was blue static.We did make pizza and bread and I even wrote some of my
Christmas Cards. I still haven't done pictures, so I can't mail them.
Princess did a couple of worksheets as well, and we listened to some lovely holiday music.
Little Man played and ate and well, did all the things 2 year old s do. He was a bit upset that we woke
him up from his nap, but Princess wanted to play. I went up in the evening with my sister to see my Father,
he looked better knowing his decision has been made to have the stint put in via a catheter.
It is considered high risk, but less risky than ending up on a respirator (which with his 20 something %
lung function, he might not come off of) if they did an open heart surgery.
He will do that on Friday, so send warm fuzzy thoughts of successful outcomes if you can.
The weather is cold and a wintry mix has settled over the area. Sleet,rain, looks yucky.
We will stay inside and bake this afternoon and read and snuggle and probably watch a holiday movie in the afternoon. We enjoyed a visit from our friend this morning and now we will try to get that house done.
I do promise to post pics when it is complete.Today would have been Poppa's 80th Birthday.
Between the weather and the calender, I'm struggling with the blues.
Yesterday was also Poinsettia Day, so we colored a couple of pictures to make into ornaments (although we have hung them up on our bulletin board instead) and had afternoon tea in honor of it.Since our gingerbread was not ready.


Patience said...

You have such fun, colourful days. I love those snuggly kinds of afternoons.

I feel sorry for Little Man's mother, having to deal with a kid who never gets his complete naps, lol!

I think your father has made a good choice. Respiratory problems can complicate recovery from o.h. surgery even in normal cases; Rose had issues with that. Isn't it funny to think that there is something in the world riskier than o.h. surgery?

Jenny said...

I'm so sorry you have a case of the blues, but I can understand why- I was close to my Grandpa too, and of course the weather here has been horrible. It gets you down after awhile! I hope you start feeling more like yourself soon, and warm, fuzzy thoughts will be headed your way tomorrow. Hang in there! :o)

Mrs. Darling said...

Well it does look like youohad a wonderful cozy kind of day anyway! Blessings!

Frankie said...

I will be thinking of your father today. Wishing that all goes well. I hear the stints are a very good choice.

I'm sorry you have the blues right now, but with the weather, your father, your poppa's birthday -- I hope you take it easy today and try to do some fun things to ease the burden or worry and blues.

Sending hugs your way.

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all for the warm thoughts and kind remarks!

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