Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Book Post

Here we are, Tuesday. I have so many books to tell you all about.
Let's see how far I get..

A young boy and his Grandfather come across this written on a wall.
The Grandfather explains what it means to his grandson and gives examples of how it is found in every culture and religion. The illustrations are gorgeous.
They talk about how much better the world would be if everyone lived by these words.
Princess's favorite part, the ending.
It Begins With

A heartwarming story about a Gator on a carousel that gets forgotten.
He sleeps for a while, but one day decides to get down and go see the world.
Now having a big hole in his heart where the pole had been. :-(
He comes to a zoo, and even finds some Alligators, but he finds them very scary
(and thankfully asleep).He sits down on a bench and cries feeling lonely for his old
happy life on the carousel.Before the children stopped coming.
He hears a boy laugh and ask his father what was up with "that funny alligator
on the bench" his father remembers Gator from when he was young, and Gator
leads them and a big group of other children back to the forgotten amusement
park and takes his place on the carousel. The boy climbs up on his back, and the hole in Gator's heart is gone. Well worth the read to us.
Who could resist a book that starts out..

Clap your hands,

stomp your feet.

Shake your arms,

then take a seat.
Not either of us. The funny illustrations of the children
doing this dance with all kinds of animals,all laughing and having fun
was worth carrying this book home from the library alone.

The Painter is a sweet story about a little girl who

enjoys the time she spends with her Dad so much, she

wants to be with him all the time. Her Dad is a painter,

and she is not allowed up in his studio (too dangerous),

until one day after asking a million.."can we play ball ?

do a magic trick? "etc and hearing,"not now",

then she asks "can we paint a picture?",

and he says "not here" and then "here."

She paints a picture in her Dad's studio.

My Princess certainly understood how this little girl feels,

she wants to be with her Daddy all the time.
I hope you find something to read from this list.
Remember, if you like it enough to buy it, I would
be grateful if you purchased it through my "store"
on the sidebar. Now, I must go read to my Princess.


Sandra - My Inspired Heart said...

oh...i seriously need the golden rule! i need it to emphasize what i've been trying to tell them since they are currently in a "self" obsessed phase (especially the little one), lol. it's on my list to check out in a few days!

Tara said...

The Golden Rule will be added to our list!! The cover illustration is great.

8)(8 said...

Those look like nice.

Anonymous said...

Golden Rule added to my list. Cate and Silas both love daddy so much at the end of the day, it makes me wish I could go to work all day long.

Anonymous said...

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Plato said...

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