Saturday, March 7, 2009

Green Up Saturday

Today I would like to encourage you

to click here, and print out this coloring

page (and attached permission slip) for

your children. Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

is asking that children who want to speak out against

the aerial wolf killing in Alaska and prevent it from spreading to other states,

color this picture (or create one of their own) and mail it back to them,along

with the attached permission slip, so they can hand deliver them to Governor Palin

on or near Earth Day.Princess will be doing one. She has a growing interest in
protecting the planet and all that live here.
Green Up tip for the week:
We printed ours on the back of some junk mail with a blank side.
We always open "junk" mail to look for these blank sided sheets of paper
to use for printing out pictures she might like to color off the Internet.
I store them near the printer.Just one more way to practice our 3 Rs!


Tara said...

I just finished printing ours off- we'll get it in the mail very soon!!

Thanks for the heads up on this Kate.

P.S. I love some of your new music selections :0)

Cher Mere said...

Great tip. Thank you!

Poppy and Mei said...

Fab tip, thanks! XXxx

zilla said...

I love to color. So soothing.

My kids like to recycle broken crayons by melting them in muffin tins.

How can Earth Day be so close, when I can't even see earth for all this snow?

Why should anything be killed aerially, ever, unless it's a rodent and its killer is a hawk?

And who's going to risk handing these beautiful works to Gov Palin in person? Will they wear full body armor?

That woman needs a festering boil in an unmentionable place.

Lynn said...

Kate, I keep coming back to your blog to look at that lovely room, a few posts back, where Princess is making out the little seed tags and you have all those seeds starting. I love that room. Your home seems so cozy and nurturing.

Enjoy your day today!


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Plato said...

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