Monday, March 16, 2009

Culture,Gardening,and other weekend happenings

We were very busy in our little corner of the Garden State
this weekend. Princess and I caught a show with some friends,

and hung out for a bit after (until a meltdown revolving around one very tired little girl and a pad of stickers) we baked a little ,started some direct sowing in the garden, after a lot of yard work.

Yes, that is me with about 5 sweaters on (it was about 40 degrees).
Clearing old leaves and weeds from the garden beds. We dug up the last of the carrots

from the garden and picked up some strawberry plants and blueberry bushes.

Princess followed this bug around the yard.

The crabitat was cleaned, books were read, pictures drawn, and Great Grandma visited.

More books were picked up at the library, and rocks were hauled around the yard.

There was music, and culture, and always homemade cookies and bread.
We saw a lovely heron in an unexpected location (and me,without my camera!)and put out food for the birds in our backyard. We played games, and sang songs,

it was a very full weekend. I hope you all had a lovely weekend as well.
The seedlings have to be moved outside to the greenhouse now, so I have to go. ;-)


Homemade Happenings said...

You sure have been busy! Your seedlings are growing well - can't wait to see the great veggies you get this year. I am desperately trying to grow some, but I don't really know what I'm doing - I kind of make it up as I go. :)

sarah said...

You have such interesting days!

8)(8 said...

It looks like a really neat weekend.

Angela said...

What a full weekend! Can't wait to see your garden in full swing is so lovely with all those raised beds!

Tara said...

Wow you are like the Uber Gardener!! All the fancy lights and such.... we just have our trays on a bench near the window and the naughty kitty ate some of Owen's lettuce :(

I told my husband covers would be a good idea. How long can you leave the covers on ????

I was talking with Ron last night about maybe putting up a little greenhouse.... I'm such a newbie novice though lol :)

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all for stopping by..
we love having a little garden in our backyard to feed our family.
A- the beds aren't raised, but the paths are well worn.;-)
T- I will send you a couple links for greenhouse info..our gardening supplies have traditionally been added to for Father's Day every year (they are on sale by then, and we remember what we just wished we had :-D )

Noel said...

you're greenhouse is looking really good! I can't wait to get my garden in the ground.

zilla said...


(I'm catching up today!)

Loved the treasure hunt. The big bug with numerous legs, though -- is Princess afraid of NOTHING?!?!

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