Wednesday, March 11, 2009

National Know Your Milk Day

Sub-titled, "Getting Our Irish Up".
Yes, we're getting ready for Saint Patrick's Day here in our little corner of the Garden State.

So far this week, we have done math (Princess still says "maths"),
read many a book (some are listed in Yesterday's post), baked bread,
made some puddingworked on a craft for St Pat's (my sister gave us this wire and beads the other day)

Princess strung up the beads on wire I pre-cut for her.

It took a while, the beads were small. I twisted them into this

We hung them on our kitchen windows.

Another look at those "smiling Irish eyes", this time also showing off the
newest haircut Princess gave herself.

I was horrified, but she was ever so proud!
This morning we (yes, we)spoke with
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's office at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
( at 1-800-344-9453 )to let them know we are disappointed with his decision to eliminate
Endangered Species Act Protections for wolves in the Northern Rockies states of Idaho and Montana . If you care to call as well, please click over to Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund here, to let them know that you called.
We also called our Representative,Rush Holt, to ask him to support children’s health by including a provision in the Child Nutrition Act to clarify that schools may purchase rBGH-free and organic milk as today is National "Know Your Milk" Day of Action
while we had them on the phone, we also thanked him for Cosponsoring HR 3663
the PAW Act . Normally I would have made these calls while she did something else,
and was quiet, but I realized I was missing a great teachable moment.
This is how our government is supposed to work. It is our responsibility to be involved,
not just our right to complain about it. Whatever your opinions, or beliefs, I hope
you all walk the walk today.


Anonymous said...

Kate, what a great point you make about doing activism in front of our children.

Oh, the hair. P is cute enough to pull it off. ;)

Love the shamrock. I haven't given St Pats much thought. I was going to buy a shamrock plant the other day but realized I could probably buy enough food for two meals for the cost of the plant. That's how my mind is thinking these days.

My dh will be happy to know that he participated in Fix a Leak Week, a couple of weeks early. We are all sleeping better for not hearing the dribble in the toilet. ;)

sarah said...

Wow, some good work put in there! You have so much courage to make calls like that.

Sorry about the haircut. Rose hates her fringe but luckily has never touched her hair with scissors. I guess she'll start as a teenager!

Tara said...

Good for you Kate!! You inspire me and others as well to take action and speak up.

I LOVE the haircut... the bangs are tres chic... no?

Naomi said...

i love that you actually make those calls. you know i'm all conspiracy theory crazy, so i just complain about the man instead. me and the peanut have been singing the rainbow connection funny that it's on your blog now.

Cher Mere said...

Right on! You don't just walk your walk, you strut it!

Also love the pretty craft! So easy but it looks so nice!

Do you think Princess looks like her daddy?

Kate in NJ said...

Nina- P asked what we were going to do for St Pat's....;-)

Sister- I make a lot of calls and write letters and e-mails.
I keep the phone numbers for my reps near the phone.I have no money to give, but I do have my opinions. ;-)

T- Tres chic is certainly one way to look at it.;-)

N- P is always singing Rainbow Connection..we love Kermie's version best!

Cher- lol, and yes..I do think she does.

avagdro said...

Thanks Kate for sharing,Pretty cute crafting.Love all besides the cute Kate smile all around the blog.Wish you all the best.

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Tara said...

Awesome homeschooling! Good for you for picking up the phone and taking some action!

zilla said...

Very well done!

The only worthwhile thing I did today was nap the nap (full moon issues). I didn't do it in front of my kids, though.

Last week I respectfully challenged authority in front of my 14 year-old! And I was listened to!


Kate in NJ said...

Tara- thanks ;-)
Z- Are they too big to snuggle up with?

Kate in NJ said...

A- Thank you for your kind made me smile.:-D

8)(8 said...

The clovers came out so pretty.

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Plato said...

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