Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines parties,play dates and car trouble

Well, it has been a few days since I have updated my blog,
and they have been busy days.I have had truck trouble, mine (minor)
which became truck trouble,Farmer Dad (MAJOR) and a home school group

Valentines Party (Thanks to M for picking us up AND bringing us home!)and
a Play Group Valentines Party (Thanks to R for doing the same!) and Love Day donuts with Farmer Dad shoe shopping
for Farmer Dad (P is still asking where her new shoes are), lunch out at a favorite Mexican restaurant,my Grandmother is back in the hospital,yard work, and play,the ever-present-laundry,a big stack of library books, spring cleaning to be done,
surprises in the mail,garden plans and homeschooling, including some backyard lessons,

Birds to count, and bread to bake. You all know how it is.
I forgot to finish my book post and, well, post it. I will get it up later today
or tomorrow. I hope everyone is hearing the sounds of the birds returning
and getting outside for a bit every day to see Winter packing up and making way
for Spring. Can you feel it? We sure can. Princess and I had friends over yesterday,
and the girls were outside even after the sun was gone.We could hear them giggling
and squealing through the windows as they ran around and dug in the compost pile,
took turns with the binoculars to look for birds, and Princess gave a lesson in
planting sunflower seeds (they were in a seed head on our nature table), and a craft.
Like Mother,Like Daughter?


Gottfredsen said...

Wow you have definetly been busy. I am always so envious of you when I see that you have a yard to go do school work in. It is a definate down side to living in an apartment. I love that picture of the squirel. P is becoming such an amazing artist.

sarah said...

I've been wondering how you were - glad to see its a full life keeping you from posting. My empathy regarding the car situation!

Loved P's picture. Very impressive.

Tara said...

A planting lesson with friends sounds wonderful! Hope those truck troubles are over for good. GREAT drawing. My best to the artist!

Tara said...

The Universe is most definitely shifting because Owen and I have been So BUSY this week... I'm not sure which side is up!!

Sorry about the truck trouble... that's a drag.

Princess looks so happy to be outside with her books, sketching and learning. With a major snowstorm headed our way tonight-I guess we won't be spending too much time outside just yet :)

Cher Mere said...

I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. And the trucks.

Spring! I am really looking forward to it.

Chawksgirl4ever said...

wow you are so busy!sounds like fun.sorry about your truck!

8)(8 said...

That's a great squirrel drawing!

Sorry to hear about the cars and your grandmother.

Sandra said...

Your days sound a lot like mine lately ;) it seems to be one thing after another and so little time to do many of the things i'd like to be doing. hope your truck is all better soon ;) my poor van just had a little er visit herself, lol!

Lynn said...

Everything sounds lovely! Except I'm sorry about the truck trouble and Grandmother being in the hospital. :(

But you do so many fun things with Princess, and I know exactly how you feel about spring being in the air and hearing the birds! Yipee!


Jenny said...

What a lot of fun you've been having lately! The V-Day party looks like a lot of fun. I love your basket in front of the window- it looks so pretty and organized!

zilla said...


You're the best mom EVER!

School closings today due to snow, wind, cold, and STILL I saw chickadees, and Zenzi saw them, too. She wants to catch one, but I'm not havin' it!

patrice said...

Even though it's still winter, Annie had on her bathing suit today! It was sunny and warm in the front yard, the birds were out in full force and you could feel spring in the air! Ahhhh.
Sending warmth,

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