Thursday, February 12, 2009

Celebrating the Darwin & Lincoln Bicentennial

Big day today ...Gabe turns 6!!!!!

Stop by and wish him a Happy Birthday!! is the Bicentennial of both

Charles Darwin, and Abraham Lincoln.

Here are some lovely links for you all....

Tara has even more links at her blog today

We will be finishing up our valentines and going to play

is just too short to miss out on cupcakes! We'll learn more about these guys

when we get home or tomorrow...isn't that why we all homeschool?


The wind is blowing in gusts of up to 50 miles an hour here, and I have seen a couple of our trees

looking almost sideways. Unlike many in the region we still have power, and I hope you all

do as well.


Gottfredsen said...

Thanks for mentioning his birthday too. Looks like he is in great company for his birthday. Sorry for not being around much, things have been really crazy around here. I hope that you are feeling better now. Well I have to run now. So much cleaning to do and cupcakes to bake, oh and I should probably finish making his gifts. Nothing like waiting to the last minute. LOL. Have a great day at your playgroup.

reprehriestless warillever said...

I hear you on the flexibility thing. Life is too short to be stressed about "
getting things done."

Cher Mere said...

I treasure the flexibility of homeschooling.

We are studying Darwin and Lincoln today too!

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks gals!
We are back home, and getting ready to look up some more Lincoln
and Darwin stuff.

Tara said...

Go get those cupcakes girl!!!

mavibu said...

Hi Kate,
Have I thanked you for all the HS info? I ordered the book you use (Making the Grade) from Amazon, but am returning it because it has writing all over it! Other than that it looks like a great book. I nominated you for an award (days ago, but haven't had a chance to let you know). You'll have to go to to see it since I can't figure out how to post the image of the award. Or you can visit my blog and link over from there...

Tara said...

Windy, windy, windy here too. A few trees uprooted and the tornado siren went off for the first time this year.

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Plato said...

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