Monday, February 2, 2009

February Plans

Welcome to our little corner of the Garden State.

Grab a cup of coffee, move aside that pile of library books,

and put your feet up. I've been working on our learning

plans for February, and I thought I'd share them with you.

    February Monthly Observances
Library Lovers Month

    National Bird Feeders Month

    Black History Month

    Bake For Family Fun Month

    Sweet Potato Month

    Daily Holidays we will learn about and celebrate

  1. Super Bowl Sunday/ National Baked Alaska Day

  2. Groundhog's Day

  3. National Carrot Day/Elmo's B-Day

  4. National Stuffed Mushroom Day/Charles Lindbergh B-Day/First US Presidential Election

  5. National Weather Person Day

  6. Massachusetts Day

  7. Farmer Dad's 43rd Birthday/Charles Dickens's B-Day

  8. Jules Verne's B-Day

  9. Hershey's Chocolate Founded/National Bagel and Lox Day/William Henry Harrison b-day

  10. Umbrella Day/School Day

  11. Thomas Edison's B-Day/National Inventor's Day/Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

  12. Abraham Lincoln's B-Day /Darwin Day

  13. Friday the 13Th

  14. Valentine's Day/READ To Your Child Day

  15. Susan B Anthony's B-Day/Galileo's B-Day/Daytona 500

  16. National Almond Day/President's Day

  17. Championship Crab Races Day

  18. Pluto Discovered

  19. Mr Rogers Debuted/Chocolate Mint Day

  20. Mardis Gras

  21. National Sticky Bun Day/Clam Chowder Day

  22. George Washington's B-Day

  23. National Banana Bread Day

  24. Pancake Day

  25. Ash Wednesday

  26. Levi Strauss B-Day/Grand Canyon declared National Park

  27. Henry Wordsworth Longfellow B-Day/International Polar Bear Day

  28. Smokey the Bear Day

I can not guarantee that we will cover everything listed above, but I can guarantee that

we will have some fun, some food,some crafts,read some books,listen to some music,and even have the occasional melt down.

We may even learn something.Feel free to join us!I'll do my best to post photos as we go,

and every Tuesday I will share what we think about some of the books we've been reading.


Becky said...

I love your "everyday there is something" lists. I'll have to include some of these in our studies.

Naomi said...

um...helloooo? forgot the most important holiday this birthday...

sarah said...

You always have such fun times. Happy birthday in advance to Farm Dad (and Naomi, whom I've never met but everyone needs as many happy birthday wishes as they can get :-))

Tara said...

Lots of interesting bits in your February list- I'm ordering a bunch of Darwin books from the library today, so we'll be sure to join you in that celebration! Oh, and the Hershey's chocolate day is a keeper too :0)

Cher Mere said...

Wow! Seriously, when is the book coming out??

Happy Stuffed Mushroom Day!

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Plato said...

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