Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Tuesday Book Post

Personal update, I am still sick..it's been 3 days now,
and that is all I have time for.Enough!!
Yes, I'm hoping my ferociousness will scare those
germs away. Meanwhile I have not been to the library
to pick up my next batch of books...I will have many
to share with you for this month.
I only picked up a couple before I got too busy
and then sick. In honor of Carrot Day (today)
we will be reading The Vegetables We Eat
The Carrot Seed (which I was lucky enough to pick
up from another Freecycler)Princess often asks for the Carrot Seed
as her just one more bed time story. There is a reason it is a classic.
It will however, especially at this time of year, make you want to go
plant some carrot seeds.We also enjoyed The Vegetables We Eat,
great information,nice pictures and like
our Groundhog choice yesterday (see that post),
it helps get us clear about what we want to grow this year in our garden.
A nice winter story about a little girl with no play mate,
and a bird who waited too long to fly south for winter...Bess and Bella

It ties in to our season and with a little stretch, National Bird Feeding Month.
Princess loves it mostly because two of her favorite people in the world
are both named Bella.
Very sweet.
I'm not sure if I have written about
but we really do enjoy it.
We take it out every winter, at least once from our library.The scratch board illustrations
are lovely,and we both love the story of Grandmother Winter shaking out her
goose down quilt to make snow.
Last, but not least in this week's book post,
I was planning on using it for School Day (which is on the 10Th), but who can ignore a
Dr Seuss book sitting there just waiting to be enjoyed...not us! This fits in with our take
on school, and it's funny too. What happens when the principal of this "unschooling" school that aims to teach what other schools do not has to test it's students to prove they have learned something?They ace it of course! Then they celebrate with pizza,milk, and cake and
"Diffendoofer Day". What have you been reading?


Alycia in Va. said...

I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing. You've listed two books we haven't read yet, so thank you.

Tara said...

Gosh I hope those sickies leave soon.

Owen is reading Owl Puke right now and a book on electrical gadgets and gizmos. He is getting ready to start his first Harry Potter book or maybe The Phantom Tollbooth.

Cher Mere said...

I hope you are feeling all better today.

We love The Carrot Seed.

Jenny said...

I know you're feeling better by now, but I wanted to tell you how excited I am that our library has Bess and Bella- that looks like a great one. Thanks!

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Plato said...

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