Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday afternoon.....

was lovely here in the Garden State, we played in the backyard and
enjoyed the company of a good friend who came over to pick some figs.
Princess loves having "new blood" to sing and dance for, and they took turns trying
to get her "boomerang" to fly. We also picked golden raspberries and tomatoes.
Our "pet" bunny came out to eat while we were out, and we enjoyed watching a woodpecker
high up in the cedar tree. I will post a couple of pictures before I head off to clean more.
Next thing we knew, it was dark and we needed dinner, so inside we went.
Everyone had the "leftover" dinner of their choice while we talked about our day.
Princess wanted to play some games, so we played CandyLand,Hi-Ho Cherry-O,
and two different versions of Memory.Then we read for a bit before bed.
I got some cleaning done during the day, so I feel good about company on Sunday,
although I am not done yet. The weather forecast is still looking good, so I'm hopeful.


Fun Mommy of 2 said...

wow you must do alot of canning and pickling. Yummy.

Mrs. Darling said...

again it sounds like you had a fun day!

Ive played so many games of candyland in my life I could play it in my sleep! LOL It's like playing candyland is a rite of passage for all mothers everywhere!

divinagrace said...

Those were fun games. I loved 'em as a kid. Does P actually play the games or make up her own rules?? I've tried to play Chutes and Ladders with my 4 yo, but he wants to do his own thing.

Sara said...

Our new favorite way to play candy land is to put actual candy out on some of the squares. Then, who ever gets to that square first gets to eat the candy.

amanda said...

Oooh, good idea. Leftovers and a game night sound perfect :)

chanale said...

Kate, you have such lovely days. Your blog is a real inspiration for me having a daughter 2 years younger than yours. I can only hope our kindergarten days are as happy as yours.

Mariposa said...

Her day looked dreamy. Best wishes with the planning and I hope the weather holds up for you.

Learning with O said...

I agree, it does look dreamy, lots of fresh air and homegrown food! Princess is a very luck girl:)

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all for stopping by today.
Yas- I do as much as I can from what we grow in our yard.

Mrs D- Oh yes, me too.

DG- Yes, she is pretty good about following the rules..or at least "knowing" them. ;-)

Sara-P would LOVE to play at your house!

A- I hope to read how yours went soon!;-)

C- Thank you, that is so sweet of you...I will try to "live up" to it.

Thanks M and LWO!
I hope she remembers her childhood that way.;-)

Nina said...

You are such a good Mom. I love Citcat dearly but Hi Ho Cherrio is so tedious. Maybe it's her age. I love it when the house is clean for company. It is the perfect time of year and I love how the light looks in the house.

BTW, I would love to send P a birthday present. Let me know. Perhaps something with a Chinese theme. ;)

Kate in NJ said...

Nina- It's so nice to "hear" from you.
I'd rather Hi Ho than Candyland.
P really like Trouble, but it's so "loud".lol

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