Friday, September 14, 2007

Homeschool Science Playgroup

Today we had our first Homeschool Science Playgroup.
It was so nice to be around a group of other homeschoolers
the same age as Princess, and all but 2 were girls!
We pulled into the driveway and she got all excited because the first two
girls are........(to those of you who have been reading here for a while this will not be surprising)

Chinese! It was all I could do to get her to not leap from the car as I was parking.
Princess is in love with China.The food, the people (all Asian people actually).
The little girl who lived there, introduced herself and brought Princess over to her
pet rabbits! Can you feel how excited my daughter got? Could it get any better?
Why yes, because her Mom had several child size tables covered in newspaper and
set up with bowls of markers and other supplies, a table full of library books about volcanoes
and a white board easel set up to draw a volcano on.
The girls ran around and played as the other children arrived and then we
sat at the tables with our science notebooks and the Mom drew a volcano on her white board
and told the girls about volcanoes.She then asked them to draw one in their book and then they wrote the word in the book too. Some of them had lovely lava spewing out (like P's) and some were more basic.
The girls had a great time showing each other what they did. The Mom then brought out a couple of big
buckets of sand and we handed around paper plates to put under the tin cans we brought with us.
She told them how to start adding sand around the cans and when done we added some vinegar
into the cans and food coloring .The girls then used spoons to add baking soda and watched it bubble up.
They were very excited and added more vinegar and baking soda for a while to continue the fun.
Once the fun fizzled out (excuse my pun), we cleaned up and the children(two boys joined us by this time)
sat back down and had their snacks while another Mom read a book about volcanoes.
After another book, we packed up and headed home. We are going to try to meet up
every week with the possibility of alternating a science experiment with a nature walk.
Princess and I have a play date with one of the little girls and her Mom next Tuesday.
The girls arranged it themselves.
I'm looking forward to it.


Jenny said...

What a cool playgroup! I'm glad it was such a success, and you (or I should say Princess) got a play date out of it too. :o)

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Jenny- it was fun and P slept on the way home (possibly because she threw a mini tantrum before leaving).

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I want to come! This is SO very cool and ideal for this age! I am so happy for you both.

Lifeschooling with O said...

That's amazing! I wish I had something like that when O was P's age. You are so lucky to have found a group!

Kate in NJ said...

I am so happy to have "found" them,
it was so nice to be around others,"like us" and not have to "explain" homeschooling to anyone.;-)

Mandy said...

How awesome!!! I'm so glad she is making new friends and having so much fun!

Kate in NJ said...

Hi Mandy, it's nice to have you stop by.:-)

The Koch Family said...

Oh, It sounds like so much fun! I'm so glad you found a group to get together with!

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Pattey!
It was fun ..and such a relief for me to find a group of Moms and kids we can "socialize"

Angela H said...

Oh, Kate, that's just great, and what a cool experiment, too!

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