Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday afternoons

are usually pretty quiet around here, unfortunately, today was an exception as Princess
was so loud. I'm not sure why, but all I said all day to this poor kid was "be quiet" and "stop yelling".
I'm sure she was at least as frustrated as I was.It was not angry yelling, just very high volume.
I spent most of today cooking and canning.She played outside with Farmer Dad while he worked
in the yard and tried to do a couple of things around the house.Then they played Candyland and
built castles with her blocks.Then she colored and played with her cars after a nice warm bath
which finally calmed her down a bit.
Princess's 5th Birthday party is next Sunday, and I have so much to do.
The weather is supposed to be nice, keep good positive vibes for a sunny,dry day.
Our house is very small, so we will be outside.


Mrs. Darling said...

Looks like a lovely sunday afternoon in spite of the noise. :) Hope the weather holds for the party.

Lifeschooling with O said...

I agree, it sounds like a very pleasant day:)

Perhaps P is already getting excited about her birthday? That could certainly cause a lot of noise;-)

alycia in Va. said...

sounds like a productive day despite the noise :)


Heather said...

Well first happy Birthday to P. I am pretty sure that you are going to have a great day sunday. Sunday is actually my birthday and I am wishing for wonderful weather for everyone. So have a piece of cake for me in the beautiful weather. LOL

Jenny said...

Sending good weather vibes your way...Good luck getting everything done before the big day!

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Yay, I got caught up. What a fun homeschool group.This fall I would have to get those names of the volcano books since ds will be very interested.
Happy Birthday to P. Hope it is stress free and good weather. :)

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you everyone!
The weather forecast is looking good,
so keep those "good vibes" coming!
Yas- I'll try to get the names for was really good.
Heather- Have a Happy Birthday! ;-)

Mariposa said...

Hi Kate. She must be excited about her birthday coming up.

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday. Mine will be quite loud for the next few months, or at least filled with the bursts of it from two avid football fans!

I will keep my fingers crossed that you get nice weather on Sunday, with a cool breeze to boot! After the party is over, you can finally relax again!

amanda said...

I hope you post some party pictures :) Here are some good weather vibes for your big day: ~~~~sunny~~~~dry~~~~~sunny~~~~dry~~~

nina said...

I see P is reading Odd Velvet. I hope all is well with the planning and prep for the party.

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