Monday, April 6, 2009

Staying out of the wind and rain

Can you see our little "friend" hunkered down against the storm?

That is how the weekend started out, a bit stormy and gray, and very windy.

Than it all cleared up and it was gorgeous out.Princess and Farmer Dad played a little baseball

Hauled some rocksWe took a long drive

hung out in the backyard, that is me on my lounge chair reading..

this is an attempt to take a photo ourselves of "us"

The swing set saw a bit if action as well. I also re-configured the"school" room, clearing out stuff we no longer use and fitting in some new(to us) stuff.

How did you spend your weekend?


Chawksgirl4ever said...

wow i cant believe that stormy sky turned into that beautiful weather!glad you got your schoolroom organized!thats always a relief

Anonymous said...

Looks llike a great weekend. Your beds (pictured behind P throwing the ball) look so neat and organized and ready!

We finally had a very warm weekend. Thankfully!

Kate in NJ said...

I will post photos of the changes in the "schoolroom" when it gets sunnier out.
It is way too gloomy out there right now. ;-)
Thanks Nina..we have a few veggies coming up can see more details if you click on

Wendy Hawksley said...

When the thunderstorm rolled through at about 7 a.m., it woke me up, so I got on the phone with hubby.

Gavin slept through it!

Our second thunderstorm was around, oh...10 a.m. or so...? And it has gone from gray and cloudy to sunny to ominous to sunny and back to blue-gray.

Thank goodness we got out for a couple of hours yesterday!

RunninL8 said...

Hi! From a former Jersey girl and current Alaskan mama!
Glad you are experiencing some Spring! I'm enjoying your blog, so off i go to look around some more!

Mrs. Darling said...

I love your glimpse of the day here. Yep, Im just getting my indoor seeds started. I dont do any of the cool weather crops cause mine is basically a canning garden and I need all my energy for the 40 bean bushes and the 20 tomato plants etc that I need to put in and can and process. For some reason this year Im tired before I start!

Anonymous said...

You've got flowers already? Wow. Great pix!

We were supposed to get 7-11 inches of snow this weekend. Instead we got a skiff, lots of cold and wind.

I spent the weekend worrying about our car loan. lol Silly, I pay my bills, but I hate applying for loans.


patrice said...

It looks like P has grown. Her legs look long and it looks like she's lost more of the little girl look.
Wishing you warmth,

sarah said...

Oh what a glorious storm. I wish it would fly down our way! The photos of the sky are awesome.

Tara said...

Great weekend for you!

Gosh I love seeing the blossoms and the green grass... and lawn chairs!!

Oh my - we're a few weeks away from being able to do that. Soon though.

Lynn said...

The skies here have been a bit moody too. I love your pictures. Princess looks like she had a marvelous time!


Elizabeth said...

Oh--your photos make me miss NJ! I used to love April--you can sense the endless warm, summer days that are just around the corner!

Anonymous said...

You have been getting some great photographs, Kate! They really capture what you've been up to--luv it!

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