Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day

Here are a couple of things we will be doing to celebrate Earth Day.
We will eat these
and make another batch with Peanut when she arrives.
This is a sugar cookie with royal icing. I made a batch of green and a batch of blue.
We did the blue first, and added green as we wanted. We think they look like the
earth from space.
We will eat a home made pizza for dinner, shaped like our Earth,
and quick and easy (I have a Community Garden meeting at night).
If it doesn't rain, we will plant these..

If it does, we will just stay inside and make more crafts like this:Princess made this "Earth Bag" all by herself. She did ask me to cut out the round

blue paper, but she cut out the "constinants" (her words) and asked me to spell

New Brunswick (a city near us), the rest she copied from things in the room.

She was very proud to show off her work. She is hoping to re-create the fun with Peanut.

No, I did not tell her her map was "off"..I was too impressed that she spelled Hawaii

on her own. We live pretty green here, and Peanut is only 4, so we will

just have fun tomorrow and enjoy our little corner of this blue and green marble

as much as we can.I like to think of every day as Earth Day around here, as I often say,

we work our 3 R's every day!

If you would like more ideas of things to do for Earth Day, try this link

Family. Com

or here

Happy Earth Day!! I will be back with a book post Thursday..I just couldn't get my links to work



Freakmom said...

I can't spell Hawaii without looking it up, so I'm totally impressed! (I had to look at your post to spell it tonight).

Have a fun Earth Day!!

8)(8 said...

Nice. I like your cookie colors. And P's globe is very good.

sarah said...

So great! I feel guilty, I forgot about Earth Day, I know I am bad. And truth be told I probably wouldnt have done anything if I'd remembered. Soooo burned out on elementary school crafting!! But I love to read about other people doing it :-)

mavibu said...

Great cookie idea! Love the music, who is it? I'm sure it's somewhere on the page, but I cac't find it.

Tara said...

The cookies are splendiferous....

I'm mighty impressed with the map as well Princess!!

Happy Earth Day :0)

kathy said...

I like the bag! She did a good job on that. The cookies are a fun, creative idea. Love your plants - can't wait till we can plant our here

Alycia in Va. said...

The cookies really do look like little planet Earths...I'm impressed :)

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all.
We had a lovely earth day, and hope you all did too!

Kate in NJ said...

ps Jack Johnson is singing the 3Rs!

Lynn said...

Looks like a very fun bunch of activities. The cookies look delicious!!


myinspired♥{sandra} said...

love all your fun activities! and the cookies are great! yum!

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