Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Oh yes, it's that time of year Birthday!
Readers who know me "in real life", already know
I consider this an International Holiday. It's already catching on Nationally,
many United States Post Offices will be open late tonight and there will
be balloons and coffee and donuts.* Please don't get annoyed with me if your
local branch doesn't fully participate in KateinNJDay this year..just start bugging them
now to participate next year! Today I will be going off for a little bit of "ME" time.
I'll be here to tell you all about it tomorrow.I promise.
I was planning on having a wonderful Children's Book/something for the lady who reads it
to them, Giveaway to celebrate.However, I will have to hold that after things settle down
around here. Thank you all for all the e-mails and comments about my Grandmother.
Most of you have no idea how very much your support means to me!!
I leave you now with this photo of Princess's first Fishing Trip with Farmer Dad,
click here to read all about it.
And yes, it is raining again today (my peas are sooo happy!)
Have a lovely day my dear friends..I will be back. ((BIG HUGS))

*Reminder US Postage rates go up May11Th, Costco sells stamps for $.02 less than going rate.
Or at least the one near us did last time I was there. ;-)


Gottfredsen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. You know that we LOVE this day! Hope you have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Jo =)

rae said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! I hope your day is filled with all kinds of good stuff.

Tara said...

Happy Birthday! Best wishes for the coming year!

Noel said...

Happy Birthday! have a good one :)

Cher Mere said...

Happy Birthday!!! I went to the party store to look for the KATEinNJDAY cards but , well I guess they were all sold out!

Happy Birthday Dear Kate, Happy Birthday to you!

Mrs. Darling said...

Happy Birthday dear friend. I love Chere Meres comment above. LOL

Anonymous said...



Becky said...

Happy Birthday! I love my birthday too ;-)

sarah said...

I know I'm late! Does living in a different hemisphere count as a good excuse??

Happy birthday dear sister. I hope it was as wonderful as you.

patrice said...

It's a great day because you were born! Thank you for sharing your special brand of brightness and joy with me, so far away!
It's a happy happy day!
With warmth,

Angela said...

Happy day dear! Hope your every wish came true!

Wendy Hawksley said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I had a fantabulous time at our local KateInNJ birthday celebration. Maybe your holiday has only caught in here in the Mid-Atlantic...? ;-)

Tara said...

Happy happy b-day to you sweet Kate! Don't worry about us... just go and revel in your "me" time and have a bit of something sweet and sleep in, indulge yourself, shop for something purty :)

Alycia in Va. said...

Happy Birthday to you! I knew there must be something good that happens on April 15th (dreaded taxes!). Hope you had a Wonderful day.

Mon said...

Good grief, what a time for my first visit! (over from knitting the wind).

It was your birthday. Happy Day to you.

And sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Your girl is lovely and looks like heaps of fun. Will continue perusing your blog. :)

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Happy belated birthday to you! Hope you had a fun and satisfying one.
♥, Susan

Lynn said...

Happy belated birthday!! I hope it was a great day for you! Tax day wasn't so fun for me, LOL, and then Thursday was a field trip and today was a work day, so I'm doing blog-catch-up this evening.


mavibu said...

So THAT's why the post office stays open late on the 15th!
...whodathunkit? I hope you had a great day. I have 2 April babies. One turned 23 on the 14th, the other will be 5 on the 20th :>o

Chawksgirl4ever said...

happy birthday to you so sorry im late!its that whole i just had a baby excuse! hope your birthday was great!

Noel said...

You've been tagged, check it out at my blog :)

Nina said...

Loser friend here to wish you a very belated birthday. Big Happy Birthday Hug!

I hope yesterday went okay.

RunninL8 said...

Happy belated B-Day!!!!!!

Forte said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am so sorry I missed it!:( We were away!

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

Happy Happy Birthday...(belated) to you, Kate! I hope your day was wonderful!

Jenny said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kate! I always forget how close ours are! Love the new picture of P for your header, BTW. :o)

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