Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How do you feel about buying toys from China?

Does it sit well with you that it may soon be our only choice?
Mom Unplugged has a post about this issue today, and I will link you to her, not just because she is so much more eloquent than I am, but because my linkies are not working too well, and
I may quit before I get this up here..and you all need to follow the links and act on this.

Unless of course you are fine with not being able to buy lovely handmade toys on Etsy
any longer...and I'm guessing you will not be fine with that.
As my Bube would have said..."I know my customers!"
Now go..write to your Senators and Congressman and
I just did, and it is quick and painless to find the contact info, if you follow the links.
Hurry! There are only 63 days or something before this goes into effect.
Be sure to pass it on as well..we Mommies need to stick together.
I really don't want to be left with only the companies that caused the problem to begin with.
I am not creative enough to make my own.


Cher Mere said...

Thank you! I wrote to my representatives.

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

wow, I always love your links. I will check into it after I comment.

sarah p said...

The link didn't work for me. But I can tell you, I don't like the idea of buying from China. I have all the right philosophies about it. And then I go out and buy things from China anyway. Because I'm too busy to live in anything but the real world, and so when I pick up a toy or item of clothing or game that my daughter wants or needs, I don't stop to check where it was made. Particularly when there aren't any available alternatives. There isn't a China-made "X Boardgame" and an NZ-made "X Boardgame" for example. And while I admire those who make all their own toys from recycled goods and homebrand wool, I just don't have the time or ability. I wish I did!

It's especially difficult with clothing, when it's so hard to find anything she actually likes - even fabric often comes from China, so making it myself isn't always the solution.

(I don't buy food from China!)

I do feel bad about it, but assuage my conscience by working on other things instead.

zilla said...

Hey, give me a nudge when the links are working, and I'll go sign.

8)(8 said...

Thanks for posting this.

homeschooling said...

Hi, all. Nice site. I really like your site ! Good job man.

Angela said...

I have been immersed into this of late, now working at a toy store. Even the lovely wooden kitchen sets and high end stuff we sell are all made in china! It is so disappointing!
My DH and I have already discussed that when we have grandchildren, we are going to invest our time in the tools to make them our own!

Gottfredsen said...

Rob And I are going to be writing in to. Thanks for posting about this.

My Inspired Heart said...

Ooooh....this has been on my mind so heavily for a while now. I am so hating how most things come from China now. I just don't feel safe in purchasing any of it, especially where my kids are concerned. Thanks for these links....I went straight over and contacted all that I could :) I hope it makes a difference when all our voices are heard!

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