Saturday, December 13, 2008

Green up Saturday

Here is something you can do to make the world a bit greener...
Go here
and sign the "No Child Left Inside" petition .
Or order some lovely holiday gifts for friends and family.
Check out the many links for ideas for making your kids
Find out how you can take part in wild life watch.
Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean we should
stay inside all day every day. Even though those library
books are beckoning me to do just that. ;-)
That was easy right? Doesn't quite let you off the hook from
practicing those three Rs like we've been discussing, but pretty easy.
Now, remember what your Mother (and mine) were always saying? "Go play outside!"


Tara said...

Hi Kate- I just went and printed off the wildlife watch list for Maine- thanks for this great idea!!

Now that we have some snow on the ground I can't seem to keep Owen inside ;)

Cher Mere said...

well yesterday it was in the teens and walking to the car was painful. But it is supposed to be in the 40's tomorrow! So we can have outside play. :)

I love your green up posts!

sarah p said...

Eww, outdoors!


I was always told to go play outside. Which was fine when I was little and lived in an enchanted forest. Getting me inside was the problem. But once I hit my teens the outdoors became dirty, itchy, and inconvenient. So I'm happy for my child to go play outside, just as long as I don't have to go with her!


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Plato said...

Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind. Therefore do not use compulsion, but let early education be a sort of amusement; you will then be better able to discover the child's natural bent .