Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in the Garden State

It looks nothing like Christmas in Connecticut
(at least not as shown in movies).No snow, only rain.
We spent Christmas Eve at our Goddaughter's home
with some of our family, and some of her fiance's
(who are fast becoming some of our own).

My father was too ill to come, but my stepmother (hope you are feeling better Dad)

and two of my little brothers were there. Princess was very happy to see
Grandma L and Uncles M and A (shown here).

Ironically, the two who showed up, were the two who live
in other states, several hours away.Out of the five of us siblings,
only J was missing. We colored, danced,sang,played a Christmas
song trivia game,and our family's traditional card game.
We ate some wonderful home cooked food and yummy cookies
and ended the night with pie.Princess put on a Christmas Carol Extravaganza
and was interviewed about her career in "show biz"..
She had a blast. By the way, she handled the press wonderfully,
and never lost her cool, when questions became too personal, she
simply hopped up and said "oh look ,we're opening presents!"
If I can get it to work, I will post some of the video. Too cute!!
She was very happy to get two games she has been asking for,
Apples to Apples Jr, and Connect 4.
Yes, they have been played several times already.
Our goddaughter has finished the first step in her education, and we are so proud of
her, she will be a substitute teacher soon, and transfer to another college to
pursue the next level.

She is also blossoming into a lovely young woman.
Wondering what her sister's been up to?
She made this
Baby C. He is twice as yummy as he looks, and oh so cuddly.
Don't mind the wet face, he says to tell you all "Drool is the new Black!"
Here is my Grandmother, his Great-Great Grandmother, playing
on the floor with him. That is how yummy he is..she forgot she really doesn't
like children!

After a long drive home, we set out milk and cookies for Santa,
and Princess wrote him a quick note (it was 2 am!)

Christmas morning I "found" this...

and this. (the "coal" is candy)

Most of those gifts are to bring to my Aunt's house later in the day.
Princess was delighted to get a couple of new games.
This one from Farmer Dad and myself, as well as two math games
from the cats, and an Arthur book with tape from the crabs.

I also found another Eiffel Tower ornament for her collection.
and Horton Hears a Who from Santa brought her Horton Hears a Who as well
as a stocking filled with oranges,and candy.
Here is Pumpkin, happily snuggled up with his new toys from Santa.

I will post more photos of the afternoon at my Aunt's later...I need
more coffee.


Tara said...

Looks like a lovely family holiday... complete with lots of treats and sweet babies to snuggle!

Mrs. Darling said...

Aw what an adorable baby! Your christmas sounds like you all had fun regardless of the lack of snow outside! :)

Gottfredsen said...

Looks like a great christmas. I hope that P got all that she wanted. It is cute that she swears that she "knows" the boys. They do the same thing with all of our cyber friends to. LOL.

Frankie said...

Oh, wonderful pictures! Your Christmas looks as if it was absolutely lovely.

I like that Princess got gifts from the cats and crabs! Cute.

May I ask, is that your house in your blog header? Wow, it is amazing.

Naomi said...

connect 4 was the one game she wanted that she didn't get...not that she understands how to play now she can just play it at your house! actually she'll probably make p crazy not playing it the right way lol. my folks are leaving the end of the week, so maybe next week if you're free we can get them together. merry belated xmas!

Anonymous said...

A Merry Christmas indeed. P looks so pretty and grown up in the photos. Love the black dress and the Christmas morning jammies.

Baby C is yummy! So cute

Cher Mere said...

Your Christmas looks just perfect. I love all your traditions. I can image that Princess was a wonderful and funny interviewee.

8)(8 said...

Your holiday looks like it was a lot of fun. I love the black and white photo of Princess at the top of your blog.

reprehriestless warillever said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas!

My little girl got Connect 4 as well. She has already managed to beat me twice, but I am still ahead in the series.

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