Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life around here

This is a brief synopsis of life around here during my blog break swinging

camp fires

a mysterious visitor (more on him later) we made pizza

The Fourth of July

Time spent outside

National Backyard Camp Out

this is the first year it didn't rain in I can't remember how long..

the fireflies seem to enjoy the company. Here's our camp site in the morning..

A sure sign of Summer

another sure sign..

we found a little splashing pool on clearance

the tent came in handy almost all week...

snuggling the Pumpkin is always a hit..

The Hermit Crabs..can you spot the "naked" one?
Do you ever think about what is going on when your blog friends
are not blogging? I do. Since I was gone from blogland for so very long,
I thought it would only be right to post a bit about what life looked like here
while the DSL was down. There was more,of course, but I thought just this once
I would leave out talk of my tantrums, and concentrate on the pretty bits.
I hope you enjoyed it, and that you will come back tomorrow for my Product Review and Giveaway!!


Elizabeth said...

Everytime I read your blog I get homesick. I haven't seen a firefly in 9 years. My kids don't believe they're real.

sarah haliwell said...

And in ten years time you'll look at this post and only remember the good things :-)

patrice said...

Summer at your house looks fun and delicious. The grass looks so lush and green. Love the backyard campout.

Mon said...

What funs times you're all having. Feels completely summery. That pizza looks delish too.

Tara said...

Your bloggy vacation yielded lots of fun outside!

Glad the weather cooperated with the camp out ~ Princess looks like she is enjoying her summer very much :0)

8)(8 said...

It looks like P is having a lot of fun this summer, and it is great that it didn't rain for her campout. Is that a tortoise, or some kind of Chinese turtle? It's wet in your area so maybe a turtle?

Cher Mere said...

wonderful pictures! I love the ice cream cone. I can't wait to hear about the turtle!

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

love all these many wonderful moments there! the backyard campout looks like such fun, and the swimming, and the swinging, and that pizza....thanks for sharing ;)

zilla said...

You found my turtle!!!

How did he make it all the way to New Jersey without getting squashed on the turnpike?

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Plato said...

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