Monday, July 13, 2009

Jump Start Product Review

Good Morning !
Today I want to share with you my first ever Product Review .
The wonderful people at Knowledge Adventure,makers of Jump Start came to me a while
ago to ask if I would like to have Princess try out their product
and review it on my little blog. Princess loves working and playing on the computer,
so I told them I would love to do it. They sent me the discs (we got 1st & 2ND Grade)
and a 3 month subscription for the Virtual World. Princess loves it!
It teaches over 50 skills, reading,writing and math, logical thinking ..
in a fun way.They take special care to address the variety of learning styles as well.
I even get a report on how she is doing e-mailed to me.
There is even a blog it has great ideas for having fun away from the computer as well.
My feeling is that they really get that many of today's parents want our kids to have the best of both worlds. We do want to use all the great technology available to allow them to learn and explore the world, but we also want them to unplug and really get outside and explore too.

We have been enjoying this learning game a lot, and I would happily recommend it to any of my friends,family and readers. Interested in checking it out for yourself?

I thought you might be, so the wonderful Cherie at Jump Start has offered to give away

a FREE 3 MONTH Subscription to their Virtual World Learning Game to one lucky reader !!

Want to know how to win it? I'm going to give you three chances to win..

  1. Just leave me a comment here about how much you'd like to win it.
  2. Write a blog post about the contest and link back here (be sure to let me know it)
  3. Become a fan of Jump Start on Facebook (again be sure to let me know)

I will have Princess pull a winner out of her hat next Monday.

You have until midnight EST to enter.

Here is Princess with her "Jumpy"

Good Luck!!


Gottfredsen said...

LOL Cherie contacted me too. We are still working on setting up my account. Once it is done though I will have a giveaway also.

sarah haliwell said...

That's a great review! They got their money's worth with you :-)

Toni said...

we have used many of the products by them and havel iked them. Great review.

Nice to have you back in bloggy land:-)

8)(8 said...

That sounds great for P and you. It gives her fun review and gives you a break.

Chawksgirl4ever said...

would love a chance to win,we love jumpstart

Chawksgirl4ever said...

hello me again.we are a fan of jumpstart on facebook

Gina C. Browning said...

Excellent blog! WHERE do you find the time?? YES!! Jump Start got some really great advertising from you!! Well done! We love Jump Start too. They're awesome.

You're an inspiration to me. Thanks!!

Gina Browning

Sara said...

I've always liked the Jump Start CDRoms I have, and Carbon enjoys working on them.

Computer learning is a great way to suplement homeschooling - I learned to read music playing games on my atari when I was a kid. :)

rae said...

Hi, Kate. Your summer is looking spectacular. I've been out of touch for various reasons - just not online much lately.

You're always one of my favorite stops when I do check in with folks. To that end....:) have an award waiting at my blog. Hope you don't mind.

Alycia in Va. said...

We'll try the site...put our name in :)

Chele said...

Hi, Kate. I bet Mikro would enjoy this. We'd like a chance to win. I don't do facebook, and unfortunately, since the contest ends tomorrow, it's probably too late to blog it. I've been having major computer headaches.

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Plato said...

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